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About 14 Day Keto Challenge
Joel Marion has been a visible member of the fitness and nutrition community for 15 years, winning the Body-for-Life Body Transformation Challenge in 2001 and publishing best-selling books on nutrition and fitness, appearing on television and radio, and helping thousands of people change the way they eat and exercise.
On his website Joel, a certified nutritionist and personal trainer, describes his journey from believing in the “standard American low-fat diet” sold by the medical industry and the media, to learning about the French paradox, ketosis, and the benefits of “super fats” for nutrition and fitness.
If you’re familiar with the Paleo diet, then you already know that the fear surrounding fat is largely based in myths, and if you are familiar with the ketogenic diet you already know about the benefits of ketosis, the state where your body shifts to burning fats instead of carbohydrates.
But the problem with the traditional ketogenic diet is that attempting to keep the body in a constant state of ketosis is neither healthy nor practical, and the highly restrictive diet needed to maintain ketosis can be impractical and unsustainable. Joel has developed a new approach to the ketogenic diet, which he calls the Targeted Keto Diet.
Together with French chef Gui Joel has put together a plan which includes Super Fats and “Keto Carbs” to burn fat, build muscle, and work with your body instead of fighting against it. While Joel advocates for long-term commitment to a changed diet and lifestyle, he believes so strongly in the results that can be achieved right away from changing to this targeted diet that he calls his program the 14 Day Keto Challenge.


Joel has released the “14 Day Keto Challenge Diet Manual”, a blueprint for his targeted ketogenic diet. The manual includes detailed food lists and nutritional charts, as well as how to use food timing, combinations, and portion control to optimize performance.
To accompany the manual, Joel has also created:
  • The 14 Day Keto Challenge Exercise Manual full of targeted fat-burning 15 minute workout plans
  • Tips for what to eat before and after workouts
  • A complete database of the best keto exercises
  • The 14 Day Keto Challenge Cheat Sheets for reference
  • The 14 Day Keto Challenge Snacks and Hacks book full of recipes for keto snacks
  • Supplement information
  • and a recipe for keto coffee which Joel claims is even better than bulletproof coffee!
The final product is the 14 Day Keto Challenge Intermittent Fasting Blueprint, with step-by-step instructions on how to combine the targeted keto diet with intermittent fasting to even further boost metabolism, support cellular health and repair, reduce inflammation, and more.

How Does It Work?

All of the 14 Day Keto Challenge products are available in PDF format, so when you purchase any of the manuals you can immediately download it and have all the resources available.

Cost and Price Plans

The 14 Day Keto Challenge Diet Manual regularly retails for $69, but currently an introductory offer is available, reducing the price by $50. In addition to this price reduction, the introductory offer includes all 4 additional manuals for free with the purchase of the Diet Manual. It’s impossible to know how long this promotion will last, but at this point you can purchase the whole range of 14 Day Keto Challenge products in PDF format for $19.

Customer Service:

To prove his commitment to his product and to serving his customers, Joel offers a 60 Day, 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t experience the results you expect after switching to the targeted keto diet, such as increased energy, less cravings, and reduction in body fat, you can contact Joel for a complete refund.
Customer Service for the 14 Day Keto Challenge can be reached by email at support@transformationinsider.com or through the online contact form at transformationinsider.com/#contact-form.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Online responses from customers seem to be generally positive. People love the idea of being able to gain the health and weight-loss benefits of the ketogenic diet and still be have some carbs, enjoy an alcoholic drink, and even eat dessert every now and then, without feeling like they have blown their diet. And even though it seems too good to be true, customers report that they really do see and feel results, without feelings of deprivation that can so often accompany a strict diet regime.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many different versions of a ketogenic challenge or diet plan on the market, as more and more customers discover the falsehood of mainstream nutrition claims. 14 Day Keto Challenge takes a unique approach by including some carbs and focusing on ways to make the body produce more ketones without maintaining a state of ketosis all the time.
Some other popular Keto resources include: The Keto Reset Diet by Mark Sisson, The Wicked Good Keto Diet CookBook, and the website Ruled.me.

Where to Buy?

The whole package of 14 Day Keto Challenge products is available for purchase and download online at 14dayketochallenge.com.
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