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30 Days Sugar Free
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About 30 Days Sugar Free
Barry Friedman is a health coach and popular author who offers programs and advice for weight loss and health improvement.  He is one of many diet experts that target sugar as the number one enemy of weight loss.
He authored the book “I Love Me More Than Sugar” and has appeared on many health platforms to advocate for the health benefits of ditching sugar.  He now offers a comprehensive program featuring everything that experience has taught him in is program, “30 Days Sugar Free.”

How Does it Work?

More and more mainstream sources are starting to identify sugar as the main culprit of weight gain.  Most notably a Katie Couric produced movie,”Fed Up,” led the charge a few years back.  The science behind sugar consumption, the modern food industry, and sugar addiction is fascinating.
Many people who think they don’t have a sugar problem are shocked to find out how much hidden sugar is getting into their diet outside of traditional sweets.
The 30 Days Sugar Free program includes:
  • 30 Personalized Daily Pages with training, coaching, motivation, recipes, prompts, and do's/don'ts.
  • Daily Pages delivered in written, audio, video.
  • And access to your Private Support Group that includes coaches and members.
The goal of the program is to provide you with the nutritional tools and needed to understand your issues with sugar and combine that with the support system to help you follow through with eliminating it from your diet.
This is one of those programs where there are no big secrets, you already know what you will have to do - and that is clean up your diet by eliminating sugars.
If you don’t think sugar is a problem spend some time Googling the effects of it on your body and mind.  You’ll learn how it can:
  • increase risk of early death
  • Negatively impact brain function
  • cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • increases risk of heart disease.
  • increase the risk of breast cancer and metastasis to the lungs.
You’ll also learn the different ways that sugar is covertly added to your food products under different names and how to avoid it.
Bottom line is that it’s just 30 days of your life to try it out, if you don’t see health benefits you haven't lost out on anything.


Barry Friedman's 30 days sugar free sells for $97.
Also Includes lifetime access to the Member Area, Secret Facebook Group, and Access to Member Only Opportunities.

Customer Service:

The program comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you have any questions or concerns you can reach someone at 530-478-9900.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

This is a relatively new program with not much online feedback as of yet.  However Barry’s book about sugar has great reviews on Amazon with people really enjoying the information and the results of their new sugar free diet.

Competitors and Alternatives:

With sugar being such a hot topic right now there are myriad courses and guides available.  Another great course with a more Paleo slant is the 21 Day Sugar Detox, created by a popular nutritionist.

Where to Buy?

You can order 30 Days Sugar Free by Barry Friedman directly from his website.
If you have tried this program or are currently enrolled please leave a review below.
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