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About 3FU3L
3FU3L is a protein, recovery and energy supplement designed for, and by, elite athletes.  The unique blend was created to fit the grueling demands of crossfit competitions, endurance races, mixed martial arts and similar high intensity activities.
The idea was to have one supplement that could improve endurance and strength simultaneously.   The creators came up with a formula that uses 3 macronutrients, hence the name, in a combination that enhances the benefits of protein, fat and a carb source.


3FUEL is made from simple yet high quality ingredients.
100% Grass Fed Whey Protein Hydrolysate - The company uses Hydrolysate as opposed to Whey Isolate because it is quickly digested and absorbed by the body.  This gives you the flexibility to take 3FU3L before, during, or after your activity depending on what your body is craving.
Thermicarb™ - This is the carb source in the mixture which is composed of Waxy Maize, specifically a hydroxypropyl distarch-phosphate (hdp) waxy maize.  This low GI carb offers many advantages to an athlete, because it is dense yet easy to digest it provides long lasting energy and also aids in fat utilization.
Coconut Milk - They use an organic non-GMO source of powdered coconut milk.  This is the main fat source in the formula because MCT’s like this are not stored by the body but can be quickly converted into energy.
Betaine - This micronutrient is included to increase power output and sustain it over time.  It helps decrease lactic acid buildup and protect cells from dehydration.
You can find much more detailed explanations of the science behind their ingredient selections on their website along with links to studies supporting their claims.

Customer Service:

3FUEL offers a 30 day return policy on unopened items.  If you have any questions or need to reach the company you can do so at 1-855-94-3-fu3l (3835) or info@3fu3l.com.
They also have a very helpful FAQ section on their site where they explain a lot about their product and ingredient selections, they also give tips about optimal usage.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The reviews for 3FU3L from fitness bloggers and customers have been positive with people liking the easy mixability of the supplement and reporting no difficulties with digestion.  Some have commented that the product is not as sweet as others on the market.  The company also has the support of many elite level athletes from crossfit competitors, marathoners, professional fighters, olympians, and more.

Competitors and Alternatives:

The supplement market is one of the most saturated and with the popularization of crossfit it’s only expanding.  There are many options available for protein and endurance supplements.  Some other popular brands of high end protein powders include, Formulx, Stronger Faster Healthier, and PaleoPro.
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