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About 40 Years of Zen
40 Years of Zen is an intensive biohacking program created by Dave Asprey of the Bulletproof Executive brand.  Dave has built an incredible business around biohacking and self improvement with some of the most recognized products on the market.
The focus of this specific project is brain training through neurofeedback.  A unique program that they have developed to get the most potential out of your mind and overcome mental barriers keeping you from success in business, health, and self-actualization.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback or Neurotherapy is a way to use real time brain activity displays such as an (EEG) to teach self regulation of certain brain functions.  This type of therapy has been used to treat disorders such as ADHD.
The 40 Years of Zen program aims to use Neurofeedback as a way to quickly and effectively develop brain training skills on par with the highest level of meditation.
Essentials Upgrade 1:
This 5 day mastery program will teach your body how to work in harmony and how you can keep using the skills to develop even further. They claim that with their new techniques and technology, such as source imaging, they can access up to 5,700 variables to train in your brain network.
Dave himself claims that amongst all his biohacking experiments the 40 years of zen program has yielded the best results.  He believes that through this 5 day program you can learn to achieve states of being that meditators spend their lives working on.
This leads to an increase in focus, intelligence, and creativity.  His team provides customers with a dedicated facility, custom brain monitoring equipment, software and expertise.

Benefits of Optimum Brain Training Neurofeedback:

The program can be used to achieve a huge variety of personal goals, here’s a list of some things that you can focus on:
  • Faster thinking and reaction times
  • Emotional Balance/Resilience
  • Improved sleep
  • Greater creativity and focus
  • More Peace
  • Improved organizational skills
  • Personal Self Awareness and Life Mastery
  • Diminish or Eliminate blocks to personal and professional development
  • Strengthen the Ability to Connect
  • Create Healthier work/personal relationships
  • Increased access to Intuition and Compassion
  • Gain the Power of Presence
  • Counteract age-related cognitive decline and memory loss
  • Increase Clarity, Decision Making, Vitality
  • Strengthen Self Worth
  • Reduce Shame/Need to Blame
  • Learn to Take Self Responsibility
  • Increase Collaboration/Acceptance/Non Judgement
  • Quiet Runaway thoughts
  • Master our thinking
  • Harness your brain's full potential
  • Trust in others, in self
  • Increase Happiness/Health/Well Being

How Does it Work?

The 40 Years of Zen Mastery course is open to a handful of people at a time.  Each attendee receives a personalized experience and custom Brain Map.  Customers must travel to Seattle to attend the course and spend 5 intense days dedicated to learning this training.
Because of the unique nature of this course and the limited number of attendees per session there is a screening process and usually a wait list.
The overall process is designed to target and train the brain’s control sites, allowing you to consciously train your brain through instant feedback.  The process is a form of scientific meditation to change negative brain wave patterns and reinforce positive ones.
After you complete the 5 day course you will have access to the 40 Years Mastermind Online Community where you can continue to learn with other graduates.
Live Web Meetings - Dave Asprey will host live, web video meetings, approximately every 6 weeks, to share cutting edge research with the community, this will include special guests from the neuroscience and mental performance field.
In-person Mastermind Networking Event - An annual 1-day gathering of the community to network with Dave and like-minded biohackers and other neurofeedback experts.


The 40 Years of Zen Mastermind is priced at $15,000.

Customer Service:

If you wish to reserve your spot you may place a $2,500 deposit with the full balance due 45 days before the start date.  Both  the deposit, or your entire fee, are refundable or transferable until 45 days before your start date.  Again you can cancel anytime and receive a full refund prior to 45 days before your scheduled program.
If you have more questions about the course you can contact someone at their phone number (855)-234-0936 or through the online contact form.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There is not much online feedback of the course due to its high cost and exclusive nature.  But there are people who have gone through 40 Years of Zen and have found it incredibly helpful.

Competitors and Alternatives:

While this course is unique in nature you can attempt to try some of the techniques on your own through meditation, while you will not have the benefit of instant neurofeedback it may still be helpful.

Where to Buy?

You can reserve a spot for 40 Years of Zen directly through their website.
If you have tried this course please share your thoughts and experiences below.
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