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The Paleo Diet has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight, get healthier, get off of medications, feel better, and countless more benefits. As the concept of Paleo becomes more and more popular there are also an increasing number of products, cookbooks, and food providers flying under the Paleo banner.

It is important to have a place where people can come discuss and rate what is working best for them in order to help the whole community prosper.

Paleoratings.com is a place where people can review products, services, and websites to inform others in the online community about their opinions and experiences. Whether you loved or hated something, your experience can help others navigate the internet smarter.

How It Works

The reviews on PaleoRatings.com are generated by our visitors. All reviews are provided by actual or prospective customers, or others who have had real experience with a product or service. We do not accept payment for positive reviews, or to remove negative reviews.

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