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ABS Protein Pancakes
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About ABS Protein Pancakes
ABS Protein Pancakes mix was created to ease the pain of going low carb.  One of the challenges of switching to a low carb or Paleo diet is missing out on some of your favorite meals, but with this healthy substitute you don’t have to sacrifice the foods you love in order to get the body you want.
There is truth to the popular catchphrase “abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym,” as your diet can easily disrupt the hard work you’re putting in.  Now, vanity goals like abs should not be your sole motivation for eating healthy, but products like this can go a long way in helping you satisfy cravings and keeping you on the right path.

Product and Ingredients:

The ABS Protein Pancake Mix is made from a blend of Casein, Whey Protein, Whey Isolate, and U.S. Milk Protein.  They are formulated to have the fluffy consistency of traditional pancakes but with a much healthier nutritional profile.
Each serving makes about 4 pancakes and contains:  24g+ Protein, Under 9g Net Carbs, Less than 250 Calories, and 2g Sugar.  They are currently offering the following flavors and ingredients...
Cinnamon Swirl - Casein, whey protein (concentrate and isolate), milk protein, natural flavoring extracts (non-gmo rice powder, guar gum, stevia, soy lecithin, organic coconut, cinnamon.
Chocolate Chip - Casein, whey protein (concentrate and isolate), milk protein, natural flavoring extracts (non-gmo rice powder, guar gum, stevia, organic soy lecithin, organic coconut, unsweetened chocolate, erythritol, inulin, cocoa butter, natural vanilla.
Vanilla Cake Batter - Casein, whey protein (concentrate and isolate), milk protein, natural flavoring extracts (non-gmo rice powder, guar gum, stevia, soy lecithin, organic coconut.
You can also download an ABS Protein Pancake Recipe Book for free from their website which will show you new and delicious ways to prepare your pancakes.  In addition Ashley Drummonds also provides a 12 week ABS Transformation program.
This is a comprehensive program that costs $147 and includes: 50+ Strength Training Workouts, Daily Meal Planning, Inner Strength Training Exercises, 50+ How To exercise videos, and unlimited email support.

Customer Service:

There is a complete satisfaction guarantee for ABS Protein Pancakes, if you are not happy for any reason contact customer service at customersupport@abspancakes.com for a complete refund.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

For the most part reviews for this product are very positive with people enjoying the convenience, taste, and the fact that they can eat pancakes again.  A few online reviewers complained about the price and protein powder flavor of the mix.

Competitors and Alternatives:

When it comes to making healthy substitutions to your diet you can always find creative recipes from many Paleo food blogs.  However not everybody has the time to prepare their own healthy pancake mixes.
There are gluten free options available at grocery stores but those products do not have the added protein like ABS pancakes.  If you’re on the more adventurous side you can try experimenting with cricket flour as a gluten free high protein baking substitute.  Or a more traditional Paleo Pancake mix from Julian Bakery.

Where to Buy?

At this time ABS Protein Pancakes are only available through their website, www.ABSPancakes.com.
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Jamie Craddock
Crockett, Texas
Customer Servie is horrible

They don't even deserve 1 star, but you can't leave no stars. I have waited over 2 months for my pancakes and have tried to cancel my order, but they insist they have shipped (that was 2 weeks ago and I still do not have them). They say I can return them at my expense - so I will end up being out around $30 (16.95 shipping to get the product and then the return postage) for a product I now no longer want. I have tried many times to get a refund, but they are not listening. I would not order this product if you are expecting good customer service.

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Debra Nealey
Pickens, South Carolina
Great idea but not useable

This is a great ideal for most, but I am a Bariatric patient who has lost 141 pounds and have limited portions that I can with each of the 5 meals I must eat daily. I must have protein at each meal. I love your ideal but I cannot eat a total of 4 pancakes at one sitting since my stomach (pouch) has been altered by surgery. I do wish you had a product for Bariatric patients high in protein since I would pay your price for this without hesitation. If you by chance develop such product or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at sewfingers55@mail.com. I would def buy this.

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