Free 4 Week Paleo Meal Plan - (Instant Download)
April 1, 2018
Real PlansOne of our favorite meal planning apps is offering a free month of Paleo meal plans.  This is a great opportunity for newbies or seasoned dieters to see what it’s like when a team of professionals take over your cooking needs for one month.
Their goal is to free you up from the grind of planning your own dinners and making unnecessary trips to the grocery store.
One of the core principles of the Paleo Diet is to wean you off processed and convenience foods; this means a lot more cooking.  Combine that with a new set of dietary restrictions and many people end up overwhelmed and often times resorting to poor eating habits.
With Real Plans you get a service that will :
Plan your meals
Provide a timetable for food prep
And give you shopping lists
The free month includes:
4 full weeks of meal plans
5 recipes for breakfast
10 recipes for dinner
2 weekend recipes
While there are tons of amazing Paleo recipe blogs, featuring highly talented home chefs, not everyone has the time to browse them all and shop for the specific ingredients every night.  This is where Real Plans comes in.
Some sample recipes from the meal plan:
  • Chicken florentine over acorn squash
  • Balsamic glazed pork chops,
  • Salmon bowls
  • Huevos Rancheros
  • White chicken enchiladas
  • Greek chicken burgers
  • Raspberry scones
  • And many more delicious options!
Quick note: Since this is the free version of their service you won’t get the full features of the app that includes the ability to adjust for family size, kitchen tools, or food restrictions.
However you do get a full month of paleo meal plans for free and a great idea of whether or not you want to subscribe to their service full time.

Who’s Behind Real Plans?

After creating a successful health and wellness blog, husband and wife team, Emily and Antony launched Real Plans.
Combining their love of health and experience in the field they created a service that helps people take the guesswork out of eating Paleo.
This is the culmination of their years spent providing people with recipes and meal ideas.  They have also partnered with some Paleo chef superstars to beef up their inventory of great recipes.
The final product is a robust service that combines time saving tech with family tested Paleo recipes.
Check out our full Real Plans Review (4.5/5 Stars based on 15 customer reviews) or download your free meal plan now!