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About Athos Gear
Athos Gear was created to bring elite level performance data to the everyday athlete.  They believe that using their sensored workout apparel can help people reach and exceed their fitness goals.
The company was founded by two electrical engineers who wanted an effective tool to monitor their workouts and ensure correct form.  Finding nothing on the market they set out to develop their own system that combines biosignal monitoring with performance apparel.

Athos Gear:

The company features a line of apparel equipped with sensors that are powered, interpreted, and bluetooth broadcast by the core - small computer device.
The Clothing -  You can choose to order their compression shorts and shirts as a package or individually, depending on which muscle groups you want to track.  There are no wires in the clothing, as they use proprietary sensors that are meant to feel no different than regular compression gear.
The apparel is warp knit, has flat seam construction, features 4-way stretch, is sweat wicking, UPF 50 treated, and is machine washable.
The system is powered by the Core which is a removable/rechargeable device that is inserted in either the shorts or shirts.  It boasts 10 hours of continuous battery life and weighs less than 20g.
There is a plethora of data collected that reports: Muscle Effort, Muscle Target Zones, Building, Toning, Under training/over training, Muscle Fatigue, Heart Rate and Breathing Patterns.
This data is processed through their app giving you the ability to correct form or track performance in between sets.

Customer Service:

There is a detailed FAQ section on their website which gives you answers to some of the most common questions, for instance “how many cores do you need to buy?”  (1 unless you want to track upper and lower body simultaneously.)
If you are not satisfied with your product and want to return it or cancel your preorder you can do so for a full refund.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Athos has generated lots of promising press from both fitness and tech blogs.  As pre-orders begin to ship in the Fall more customer reviews will be available.

Competitors and Alternatives:

The wearable technology market is growing tremendously with wrist band trackers like the FitBit taking center stage.  However when it comes to detailed multi sensor Electromyography technology there are a handful of companies developing gear such as Hexoskin and OMSignal.  There are also many manufacturers of traditional non-tech compression clothing such as SKINS Compression.
If you have tried Athos Apparel please leave your reviews below.
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San Diego
Useless product, even worse customer service

After the shipment was delayed by nearly eight months, we finally received the shorts. This was just the shorts, and we are still waiting for the top despite having paid for both a year ago. The shorts do not fit right, they are bubbled in certain areas and extremely tight in others. The core does not transmit anything to the phone. I know it's fully charged, and I reinstalled the app seven times. This whole thing is worthless, and a total waste of money because it does not work. We have sent several emails to customer support, two received a generic response. We wanted to love this company, and their product. Their products and customer service make it impossible to be fans.

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