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About Au Bon Broth
Au Bon Broth was started in 2012 in Los Angeles, California which is where their headquarters and manufacturing facility is also located. The company was created because of the team’s belief in the tremendous health benefits organic bone broth offers.
They began selling their organic bone broth at local farmers markets. Au Bon Broth offers premium organic bone broth made with the best ingredients that push for people to know the health benefits of bone broth. They say “We are obsessed with making the absolute best.”

Bone Broth Ingredients:

Bone broth is a savory liquid made of water in which bones, meat, fish, or vegetables have been simmered. It’s known to treat the skin, gut, GI tract, aid in digestion or help you beat that cold/flu you’ve been suffering from.
Au Bon Broth uses the same meat sources as Whole Foods does. All of the bones used are from USDA organic animals. They also only use organic vegetables. They cook in a kitchen and use products free of gluten, dairy, soy, preservatives, MSG, added flavorings and added colorings. They sell their products on their website only.

Products & Prices:

Au Bon Broth offers several different products that come in multiple package deals at different price points. All of the bone broth should be taken by one 8oz cup a day for 14 days.
Au Bon Broth’s Premium Organic Frozen Bone Broth - is made with a combination of 100% Organic Chicken, Turkey, and Beef Bones. You can get it in a 1-gallon monthly subscription for $149.67, a 2-gallon monthly subscription for $258.63, a 5-gallon monthly subscription for $547.71, or a 10-gallon monthly subscription for $896.74.
Au Bon Broth Pure Low Sodium Organic Bone Broth - is made with a combination of 100% Organic Chicken, Turkey and Beef Bones. You can get it in a 1-gallon monthly subscription for $149.67, a 2-gallon monthly subscription for $258.63, a 5-gallon monthly subscription for $547.71, or a 10-gallon monthly subscription for $896.74.
Au Bon Bone Broth Capsules - are made with an Organic Dehydrated Grass-fed Beef + Chicken Powder Blend. Recommended consumption is 6 capsules per day. 3 capsules are equivalent to one 8oz. cup of bone broth. You can get them in a bottle of 60 broth pills for $39.99, one 180ct bottle for $79.95, three 180ct bottles for $199.95, six 180ct bottles for $349.99, or twelve 180ct bottles for $569.99.

Side Effects:

Over-consumption and/or misuse of herbs can lead to nausea, vomiting, or other digestive disturbances.  However Bone Broth is deemed to be a safe healthy food and poses no risks.

Customer Service:

They offer free shipping however they do not take returns. You can contact Au Bon for customer support via email at They are based at 933 Garnet Ave. San Diego, California 92109 USA.  You can also find the company via the following media channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Most reviews of Au Bon Broth products are positive. Most customers feel they are back to the basics of just good food, and are healing their guts in the process.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many different organic bone broths out on the market. Wise Choice Market sells packets of 24oz two at a time for $33.95. Bare Bones Broth sells 6-packs of 16oz packets for $62.99. And Amazon sells Pacific brand bone broth for a 32oz carton for $3.99.
If you have tried any Au Bon Broths please share your opinion in a detailed review below.
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Expensive and misleading return policy

I wanted to get bone broth and I already had regret when I purchased the product since it was very expensive. But I decided to give the frozen bone broth a try since I've heard good things about this type of supplement. However, after my wife and I tried some of the product, she felt naseaus and didn't like the taste.

So, I wanted to take advantage of the "60 day MONEY BACK guarantee". The guarantee indicates that "100% Money-Back Guarantee is only good on frozen bone broth products; not bone broth capsules". However, when I talked to customer service and he indicated that the return policy is only available for capsules. I was confused given what I read in the website and the same the return policy also indicates how to ship the product back, including adding.." 15+ lbs of dry ice to the package." I can't imagine that is necessary for capsules.

Also, the customer service rep also inquired to why my wife was naseaus and if it's possible that something else could have been the cause. I told him that I can't speak to what specifically caused the symptoms, but I know there appears to be a cause and effect when injesting the product and would rather not test it out further with this product.

All in all, if you like bone broth, please look at several different sellers before making a decision. This product is very expensive and you better be VERY sure that this specific product has significant benefits above all other competitors to justify the price.

For myself, it is NOT a better product, and I would not recommend this company and its products to anyone.

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