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About Ava’s Artisan Spice Club

Ava Jane’s Kitchen wants to save you from Big Spice. According to founder John Cawrse, the spices on the supermarket shelf are potentially contaminated with harmful bacteria, heavy metals, and insect parts, and almost certainly diluted with fillers such as corn, MSG, sugar, and sawdust.

While industrial agriculture focuses on optimizing yield at the expense of flavor, junk food companies engineer the taste of the nutritious, real foods that your body wants, crank up the intensity, and dust it on processed corn and potatoes - cheap, tasty, and utterly unhealthy.

But Ava’s Artisan Spice Club knows the secret to simply and quickly make regular vegetables, fish, and meat, cooked at home, taste five-star spectacular. With chef-crafted blends of freshly ground, top quality spices sourced from micro-farms around the world, Ava’s Artisan Spice Club delivers flavor directly to your door.

How Does It Work?

Cawrse began his company Ava Jane’s Kitchen to sell natural salt hand-harvested by villagers in Sayulita, Mexico. This Colima Sea Salt is known for being particularly pure and flavorful, and discovering it led Cawrse to search for more ways to bring top quality, artisanal foods to kitchens across the US.

He has teamed up with the professional spice guru behind the flavors of award-winning restaurants, who seeks out the best and most flavorful spices grown on tiny farms using traditional, natural methods, subjects them to rigorous quality testing, and then creates proprietary blends for his clients.

Ava’s Artisan Spice Club will bring these magical creations to your own kitchen, delivering 3 unique spice blends each quarter. These spices are harvested and dried weeks before delivery, rather than sitting on a shelf for months or years. They have been stringently tested for contaminants and never contain any fillers, GMOs, or common allergens such as nuts, dairy, and gluten.

In addition, Ava’s spices are never irradiated, a process (used almost universally by the spice industry) which exposes food to UV radiation in order to kill bacteria believed by some scientists to change the chemical composition of food. Fresh, natural ingredients make Ava’s spices so potently flavorful that just a tiny pinch will transform any dish, turning simple, healthy food into gastronomic masterpieces.

In addition to 3 spice blends per quarter, members will also receive instant and weekly downloadable recipes using healthy, whole ingredients. These recipes are created by another professional chef, Amy Hunter, and include easy to follow directions, full colour photographs, and tips for eating healthy and using whole foods.

Cost and Price Plans

Ava’s Artisan Spice Club is currently seeking founding members, who will lock in a lifetime price of $44.97 per quarter. Only 250 of these charter memberships are available, after which time a regular membership will cost $55 per quarter. Founding members also receive a free gift of a bag of Colima Salt, the perfect complement to their spice blends. There is no contract or minimum number of quarters, and members can cancel at any time.

Customer Service:

All of Ava Jane’s Kitchen’s products, including Ava’s Artisan Spice Club memberships, have a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, with no time limit. At any time if you are unhappy with the quality of your purchase, contact their customer service team on 844-282-5263 for a full refund.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

At this stage, Ava’s Artisan Spice Club is in its early stages and products are not available on the market yet. According to the website, they are “just about” to place their first order for spices with the chef who supplied their blends. This also means that other than the customer testimonies on their own website, there aren’t really any reviews of the products out there yet.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Many brands which offer “artisan spices” market gourmet products but don’t give specifics on what types of quality tests are run, or mention irradiation, preservatives, or additives.

Two US brands which do offer similar selling points to Ava’s Artisan Spice Club are Ohio-based Mom’s Gourmet, which has spice and seasoning blends that have no MSG, no preservatives, no fillers, no sugar, and no irradiation; and Texas-based Southern Style Spices, which offers spices and herbs that are non-irradiated, with no anti-caking agents, artificial colors, or MSG.

Other high end and Paleo spice companies include: Primal Palate Organic Spices, Flavor God Spices, and Balanced Bites Spices.

Where to Buy?

Ava’s Spices are available exclusively through Ava’s Artisan Spice Club. Memberships can be purchased at https://foodfamilylove.avajaneskitchen.com/spiceclub/

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