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About Azure Standard
Azure Standard is a food co-op that specializes in delivering natural and organic foods and products to customers, buying clubs and retailers by truck and UPS. The company is active in connecting with like-minded people focused on sharing healthy living and an organic lifestyle. 
The company phased out the use of chemicals in 1971 until its farms regained its natural fertility and has been producing organic natural foods since 1987. 


Azure Standard provides a wide variety of food categories and non-food items. Food categories include baking products, soy products, and grains. Non-food items include homeopathics, nutritional supplements and essential oils. All of the products have no artificial additives, preservatives, GMOs, refined sugars or bleached flour.
Once people join the membership for free, customers must join a club, which are organized geographically. Deliveries are made at established drop points, or "drops," which can be at someone's house, a vacant parking lot or anywhere that is convenient for club members. A drop coordinator, who is a volunteer, is responsible for ensuring drop locations are available and convenient for customers. In the case where there is no drop point, customers can meet the truck at a specified time to pick up the delivery. 
Azure Standard also offers classes in healthy food preparation, gardening and other aspects of sustainable living. 

Cost and price plans:

Anyone can sign up for free to become a customer. There are monthly sales and a "bargain bin" for people to get items at lower prices. 

Customer Service:

Customers can contact Azure Standard at 971-200-8350 from Monday to Thursday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. On Friday, the office is open from 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. People can email and follow updates on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and Reddit. 
Azure Standards provides full credit for any missing or damaged goods in an order. The customer must report the items to be returned within three working days of the order delivery and provide the name, invoice number, the product to be returned and the nature of the problem by calling or emailing the office. Insect contamination can be reported within seven days. 

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

Many members love Azure Standard because of the quality of the products, the wide selection of products and the affordable price. 
One customer mentioned that she had consecutive problems with the truck breaking down, produce arriving rotten and shipments arriving late. 

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many companies who deliver organic and natural food including Green Bean Delivery, Door to Door Organics, and Boxed Greens.  Other online health goods suppliers include Abe's Market, Organic Prairie, and

Where to Buy?

People can buy Azure Standard products after signing up on the website (   If you have tried Azure Standard's products, please leave your reviews below.
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Alex Cortez
Great Company and products

This is a great company with great products. I have been buying from them for years. I am not sure why the bad reviews.

First of all this is not a site for everyone. The company does usually drop shipmnents. So basically they send huge order to a single location in your area. And that could be an hour or 2 away. You then get the product from that one guest who offers their place to receive the shipment. For those disadvantages, you get great quality food at great prices.

If you do not like drop shipment, you can have the delivery come to your house. And of course it is a lot more expensive especially if you order heavy 25lb of beans, which is one of the types of items people and coop order from Azure.

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Not safe for Corona 2020 self-quarantine

I ordered over $250 worth of items to make sure I had some essentials for the self-quarantining. I received several confusing emails with instructions.

Tuesday morning I thought I was going to pick up my things. I called the person that was in charge of the shipment, to confirm the date and time. I left a voicemail. He later texted back, saying I would receive an email on Monday with the details. If that meant the day before, I didn't receive it, or I couldn't find it. I texted back, and he never replied, which was very disappointing.

I called the customer service line on the website and turns out I did have a pickup the next day (not next week, as my vague communication with the other guy led me to believe), and they confirmed the time for me.

It was wet out, and everyone's things were stacked on the sidewalk by a parking lot. There were no attendants, and if they were there, they didn't want to make themselves known. I was strictly self-quarantining, and was uncomfortable having to be in close proximity with a dozen other people who were also looking for their packages.

Anyways, the only thing I did get from Azure was a box of chocolates., and none of the real food items I really needed.

It's not unusual--in the current circumstances--to order items that end up falling through b/c they were out of stock.

****All the more reason to choose a safer (not have to be around other people and touch a bunch of packages everyone else touched to find your things) and more convenient way to get your groceries right now.****

The customer service and whole process was extremely disappointing, and I don't see any reason to ever use them again, even under normal circumstances.

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Ralph Weinbaum
Recent Grain Purchase containing rocks & debri

During 2013 purchased wheat berries and other grains and found rocks in Azure Wheat. Also noted rocks in flax grain which damaged a Family Grain Flaker burr.

The complaint letter written and mailed to David Setzler received no response.

December 2016 another order was placed for 2 bags of Azure Market Wheat along with other grains ordered.

The wheat contained rocks(or contains rocks - appear to be lava rock one bag has been completely sorted to date) and other minor debris.

Azure's response to this complaint is small credit.

The problem is the rocks will destroy milling equipment.

The 2013 complaint made through Azure customer service and via telephone to various Azure employees was essentially dismissed as being normal wear and tear.

There are grain suppliers that sell Wheat berries that are Triple Cleaned and apparently don't contain rocks.

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April 06, 2018

I also purchased a 25 lb bag of organic hard white winter wheat berries. I found about 5 or 6 small black lava like rocks also. I contacted Azure and this was their reply...which doesn't help me much! They just said if they can be of further help to contact them. I'm afraid I will wreck my grinder if I don't clean all their wheat berries from now on. Where can I get wheat that doesn't have rocks. Azure should put a warning on their packaging.

April 06, 2018

Azure reply did not attach to my comment.

July 31, 2018

Azure? These are rather daunting reviews for someone that is thinking of joining your cooperative. Are all the products like this?

Kristen Grajeda
June 19, 2019

I would also like to know this. Based on this review, I will take my business elsewhere.

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