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The Back Yard Chickens site has become the top resource for people who are interested in raising, breeding, and caring for their own flock of backyard chickens. The organization promotes the green, self-sufficient, and grow-local movements by educating people on how to raise chickens properly.

How it Works:

The vibrant Back Yard Chickens community has more 280,000 chicken owners and is managed by Rob Ludlow, co-author of the books Raising Chickens for Dummies and Building Chicken Coops for Dummies.
The organization’s story dates back to 1999 where a few baby chicks were brought home from a kindergarten class. This hobby turned into an obsession and years later the community’s contributions comes from tens of thousands of people.
The site has everything from hatching eggs to how to raise chickens. Because there are so many different situations, the organization began the Chicken Forum to adapt to the needs of site visitors. The range of topics includes over 1,000 chicken coup designs, an extensive chicken breed database, and a raising chickens learning center.
As a member of the Back Yard Chickens community you can:
  • Ask questions and get help
  • Share your opinions
  • Add your knowledge
  • Follow things you care about
  • See less advertising
Members can also find reviews on a wide variety of products including egg incubators, chicken breeds, coops, and books so they know what has worked best for other chicken owners.
The organization also has a Back Yard Chickens Android app for people to find information and participate in the forums. People will have the option of getting notifications on forum post updates and do a quick search on a more responsive platform.

Cost and Price Plans:

These are different levels of memberships and benefits for Back Yard Chicken:
Free Back Yard Chicken Member - This membership includes the ability to review product breeds, write articles, send unlimited private messages, and subscribe to topics.
Golden Feather Member (6 months is $12.00 and one year is $20.00) - These members have additional access to turn off ads, store discount codes, and access private member section.
Platinum Poultry Member (6 months is $35.00 and one year is $60) - This membership allows people to add business links in the signature, edit their own title, and customize the number of posts.
Back Yard Chicken also sells a variety of promotional products on their online store such as travel mugs, bumper stickers, clothing, and calendars.

Customer Service:

Contact Back Yard Chickens at or on the web form (
Follow updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Many people find the Back Yard Chickens site helpful because it covers a variety of topics in great detail. The majority of its app users love the software because they found it easy to navigate and get notifications.
Some past members said the site has a lot of valuable information but some of the forum topics have thousands of posts that it is hard to find the information you want. It can also be hard to distinguish between the expert opinions and invalid ones. Some past members also mention they could not have their account deleted even after they requested it because the site claimed ownership of all of the posts.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many other websites that guide people on how to raise backyard chickens including Chickens 101, Poultry One, Chicken Forum, My Pet Chicken, and

Where to Buy?

You can buy memberships and promotional material at Back Yard Chickens’ online store (
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