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About Ben Greenfield Fitness Systems
Ben Greenfield’s mission is to show you how to get your body performing at peak capacity in the safest and fastest way possible while still having time to spend on other important aspects of your life like family. He is a New York Times Bestselling author, coach, speaker, ex-bodybuilder and Ironman triathlete.


Ben will teach you how to achieve your goals by optimizing lifestyle changes that go way beyond simply “exercise and healthy eating.” His science-based approach to discovering a potent balance between health and performance has revolutionized the way thousands of athletes and exercise enthusiasts around the world live, train and eat. 
In 2008, Ben was named by Greatist as one of the world’s top 100 most influential people in health. You can read free articles, watch videos, and listen to podcasts on his site. 
In his free guide, people will discover:
1. How to burn fat and build lean muscle 
2. How to get better sleep and achieve optimal recovery to improve your energy, reduce injuries, and fatigue
3. How to optimize your training and nutrition to save time and money.
You can also buy an Inner Circle membership and learn:
  • How to transform your home into a healthy environment 
  • How to turn the body into a toxin-free functioning system
  • How to optimize workouts for max results in record time
  • His wife Jessa's healthy new recipes
  • Access to a private forum with Ben, Jessa, and health experts
Every month, you’ll get member-only access to Ben and Jessa's monthly video workshop about the new strategies they are implementing into their workouts, recipes, supplements, and other natural health and fitness optimization methods.

Cost and Price Plans:

  • Ben's guide on how to become superhuman: free
  • Inner circle: Try 14-day membership for $1.00 and the membership is $9.99 per month
  • Books: $3.97 to $97.00

Customer Service:

If you have a question about a supplement, coaching option, lab test, or anything else, call Greenfield Fitness Systems at 877-209-9439 or email 
You can follow updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

Ben Greenfield's resources overall has high ratings and has been featured in major media outlets including NBC, CBS, and SHAPE. People find a lot of useful information that they can integrate in their lives whether they are just starting to exercise or experienced fitness enthusiasts. Some people said his approach was life-changing for them.
Some people found his book Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life repetitive with too many product plugs. Some people don't like to use supplements in their exercise routine.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many experienced fitness and nutrition coaches including leading Paleo expert Mark Sisson (Primal Blueprint), Bob Harper (dailyburn), JassaFit, and Tony Horton.

Where to Buy?

Ben's articles, podcasts, guides, and books can be taken from his website (
If you have tried any of Ben's services or recommendations, please leave your review below.
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