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About Bionaturae
bionaturae® was established by a group of young Italians and an American who were passionate about providing an organic selection of authentic Italian foods. The company cherishes family, traditions and food, which are values that are essential in Italian culture.  

Products and Ingredients:

The products are made by food artisans who have been using traditional methods of production for many generations on small-scale farms in Italy.  bionaturae® sells organic pasta, fruit spreads, tomatoes, fruit nectars, olive oil and baslamic vinegars, which are all USDA Organic certified.
The gluten-free, whole wheat, traditional egg and durum semonila organic pastas are also Certified Gluten-Free. All of the certifications demonstrate that the products have met strict production requirements, which includes the non-use of pesticides or fertilizers.   
The gluten-free pasta is Kosher certified, meaning that the food production has complied with the strict policy of kosher food laws, including cleanliness, purity and quality.
The canned tomatoes are also packed in new cans that have a BPA-free lining, which means the industrial chemical BPA that has been known to potentially cause negative health effects on the brain, infants and children is not present in the packaging.
The pasta is made with artisanal production methods of past generations. Antique bronze dies, which create the shape of the pasta, are used in the bionaturæ® factory to press semolina pasta shapes with a rough texture, which makes it easier to absorb sauce. 
The olive oil is made of a unique blend of five varieties of Italian olives grown on small family farms in northern Italy, where the olives ripen slower. The olives are pressed at a century old fratoio, which is a press for agricultural products. 

Cost and Price Plans:

The prices vary depending which store they are purchased in. People can see where the products are available by postal code ( 

Customer Service:

Contact the company at (860)-642-6996, or on the web form (

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

bionaturae® has very high ratings from customers for the flavor, ease of cooking it al dente and texture. Only a handful of customers did not like the nutty taste of the pasta.  

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are other companies that produce whole wheat pasta made in Italy including DeLallo, DeBoles, Every Day.  More gluten free options are available from Cappello's and Shirataki Noodles.

Where to Buy?

bionaturae® can be bought in stores around the U.S. and people can check where the products are available by postal code ( Some of the products can also be found on Amazon.
If you have tried any bionaturae® products, please leave your reviews below.
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