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About Blackwing Meats
For most people in our society, meat means beef, chicken, pork or turkey. But have you ever considered bison? How about rabbit or wild boar? How often is venison on the menu?
Blackwing Quality Meats is one of the country’s foremost suppliers of game meats, as well as organic grass-fed beef, organic pastured pork, and organic free-range poultry meats.


Blackwing has a wide range of wild, game, and organic meats. For a complete list of all the types and cuts available, check out their website.
You’ll find 100% organic, grass-fed and pasture-raised, non GMO Angus beef; free-range, antibiotic and hormone free chicken; pork and ham from pasture-grazed, antibiotic and hormone free pigs humanely raised on Amish farms.
They offer a huge range of cuts and products from free range bison (also known as buffalo), one of the best kept secrets as far as meat is concerned.
Bison is high in protein and iron but low in fat, cholesterol, and with less calories than skinless chicken. Another healthy option is ostrich, similar to beef in taste and texture but also lower in fat, cholesterol, and calories than chicken.
Or check out their cuts of wild boar, which as a feral species which destroys crops, disturbs the natural ecosystem, and has to be culled in order to protect farms and native habitats, making it one of the most ethical choices in the meat market. Goat and rabbit meat are both lean, tasty options common on the dinner table in many other countries but only recently growing in popularity among health-conscious American consumers.
Blackwing’s elk and venison are farm-raised on unsprayed pastures and never given hormones or antibiotics.

How Does It Work?

Blackwing sources their meat directly from farmers throughout the US. All of their products are certified organic with no GMOs, antibiotics, or growth hormones, and are processed in USDA certified facilities before being flash frozen so they remain fresh.
Blackwing supplies retailers and restaurants, but founders Roger and Beth believe that everyone should have access to high quality meat so they also ship directly to consumers.
When you order from Blackwing, your order is shipped once the goods are processed and will arrive in an insulated package with dry ice and gel freezer packs via UPS.

Cost and Price Plans

Prices vary depending on the type and cut of meat ordered.
As an example, a 3.7 lb Eye of Round Bison Roast is priced at $42.95, 1 lb of Ground Bison is $9.29, and a 12 oz Bison Rib Eye Steak is $17.57.
A whole chicken for roasting costs $21.57 for around 4/5 lbs, while 5lbs of boneless and skinless chicken breasts costs $41.49.
A 2.5lb Grass-Fed Beef Brisket is priced at $22.94, Ground Venison is $8.40 per lb, Wild Boar Baby Back Ribs are $8.89 for 2.25 lbs, and 2 10 oz Boneless Pork Chops are $14.65.
For all available products and prices, as well as to see their list of available specials, visit Blackwing’s website.

Customer Service:

Blackwing Quality Meats is based in Antioch, Illinois and can be found online at or on their facebook page. You can call Blackwing on (847) 838-4888 or reach their help line on (800) 326-7874. If you are dissatisfied with your products, Blackwing offers to replace or refund your purchase, simply call the helpline for more information.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Blackwing Quality Meats has a 90% positive rating from their Amazon customers, and other online reviews mostly back this up. Customers are thrilled with the flavour, freshness, and quality of their products, and generally have great experiences with the shipping process and customer service.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Other companies which supply game and all-natural meats in the US include Fossil Farms and Broadleaf Games. Each of these competitors has a slightly different focus to Blackwing, however.
For example while Fossil Farms offers a similar product range and never gives their animals antibiotics, hormones, or steroids, their meats are not explicitly organic and their beef is pasture-raised, grain finished rather than 100% grass-fed.
Broadleaf offers 100% pastured beef and venison imported from New Zealand, as well as Texas Wild Boar, but doesn’t have as wide a range of products. Depending on what type of eat you are looking for, and what your priorities are, it is certainly worth shopping around a little.
Other popular options for grass-fed or less mainstream meats include: US Wellness Meats, Lava Lake Lamb, and Northstar Bison.

Where to Buy?

You can order Blackwing Quality Meats from their website at, on Amazon, on, or at their store in Antioch, IL.
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