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Bodeefit is an all in one hub for exercise and nutritional guidance.  The company, founded by Adam Griffin, has developed into a powerful tool to get people into shape and eating healthy. provides many free resources that people can use to get started right away.  This includes the bodeefit app (available for windows/apple/android), free work out of the days, recipes, a lifestyle blog, and most importantly detailed guides on how to perform their recommended workouts.
If you want to get more serious there are paid options that you can choose to participate in such as their monthly High Intensity Interval Training courses, or weekly Paleo meal plans.  All designed to take your diet and training to the next level.
In general the bodeefit system is based around exercises that can be done without serious equipment and movements that can be done on the road, at home, and also at a gym.  The focus is on high intensity training using your body weight or low tech equipment like kettlebells.
Those familiar with popular Paleo food bloggers will be happy to know that the recipes featured on bodeefit are developed by Juli Bauer of  Her recipes are easy to make, use clean ingredients, and most importantly taste great.

Online Reputation:

Online reviews for the Bodeefit app are generally very positive with people enjoying the guided workouts and benefiting greatly from thee intense training.  Some users expressed complaints about the videos loading properly and other minor tech issues with the app.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There’s no harm in trying a free product and many crossfitters can benefit from the training videos to improve the form of their movements.  In terms of the paid programs that they offer there are many Paleo meal plan services and blogs offering downloadable weekly meal plans such as the Paleo Plan.
Likewise there are a great deal of coaches offering guided training, it is up to you to to find a plan and coach that you personally find enjoyable and motivating.
If you have any experience with the Bodeefit mobile app or website please leave your reviews below.
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