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About Brad’s Raw Foods
Like many health food companies Brad’s Raw Foods was born out of the founder’s own battle with health and wellness.  After adopting a raw food diet Brad, craving traditional snacks, began experimenting with dehydrated chips.
After perfecting the recipes and recieving tons of positive feedback Brad’s Raw Foods was created.  The company is now one of the largest providers of plant based healthy snacks sold nationwide.

Products and Ingredient:

The company currently sells three main products…
Brad’s Raw Chips:  Are made from a base of vegetables and seeds such as carrots, kale, red bell pepper, buckwheat groats and flax.  The chips are never baked or fried but are dehydrated at or below 115 degrees which preserves the nutrients and enzymes of the produce.
Flavors include: Cheddar, Kale, Hot Kale, Red Bell Pepper, and Sweet Potato flavors.
Brad’s Raw Crunchy Kale:  These Kale based snacks use only the nutrient rich easily digestible leaves of the plant and are battered with a variety of healthy ingredients such as cashews and sunflower seeds.
Flavors include: Nacho, Naked, Nasty Hot, Pina Kale-ada, and Vampire Killer.
Brad’s Raw Broccoli Poppers:  The newest addition features dehydrated broccoli that provides you with 140% of your daily Vitamin C requirements. The poppers are also certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, and Non-GMO.
Flavors include:  Cheeze Louise, Pop’N Hot, and Garlic-ity Split.


Customers have the choice to purchase single packages or larger packs of 6/12/18/36 units.
Single package costs are as follows…
Broccoli poppers - $3.99
Raw Chips - $5.99
Crunchy Kale - $5.99

Customer Service:

If you have any questions you can contact the company by filling out there online form or sending an email to

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Customers and health food bloggers alike love Brad’s products, they rave about the taste and health benefits of these products.  The only regular complaint being the high cost of the products which is something everybody has to deal with when it comes to choosing between price or convenience.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Health food stores and online retailers are now featuring a wide variety of Kale and Gluten Free chips.  Some other providers include Rhythm Superfoods  If you have the time you can also invest in a dehydrator and make your own tasty snacks.

Where to Buy?

Brad’s Raw Foods are available in many health chains across the country, most notably Whole Foods.  Check their online store locator to find a retailer near you, you can also purchase directly from their website.
If you have tried any of their products please leave your review below.
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