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About Broth RX
Broth RX was created by two women, Kristen and Jane who started making bone broth in their own homes, in small batches. They used the best local ingredients and experimented with different flavors and recipes. They noticed a change in their health after consuming broth over time - better sleep, digestive improvement, stronger nails & hair and more energy.
They shared the broth with their Pilates clients and because of the positive feedback decided to open a commercial kitchen and sell it online. Their mission is to deliver the highest quality and most nourishing bone broth on the market.
Their broth is made from pastured raised poultry. Specifically chickens that live outside in a natural habitat - on grass in the fresh air with space to explore. The produce used to make the bone broth is organic and locally sourced whenever possible. They also sell a beef broth from grass fed cows.


There are three bone broths to choose from:
Pasture Raised Chicken
Super Immune Boosting Pasture Raised Chicken w/ginger and tumeric
Grass Fed, Grass-Finished Beef
There are a ton of benefits to consuming bone broth. Some of them include:
  • Reduction in joint and inflammation pain
  • Gut restoration
  • Supports digestion and increases nutrient absorption
  • Supports detoxification
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Supports strong bones and cartilage

How Does it Work?

To buy, go to their website, select quantity, choose which broths you want and whether you want a one-time order or subscription and purchase!
Broths arrive frozen, packaged in dry ice. You don’t have to be home when they are delivered. Once you receive them you can put them in the freezer (they will last 6 months) or defrost them in the refrigerator. It will take a couple of day to defrost in the fridge. You can also more quickly defrost on the stove-top at low/medium heat. Or, if you need an even faster defrost, you can put them in the microwave.

Cost and Price Plans:

Each of the three different types of broth cost $9.17 each broth if you buy a 6-pack and $8.33 for each broth if you buy a 12-pack. You can purchase all of the same type of broth or mix and match.
You can purchase once or get a subscription for weekly delivery and save 5%.  Shipping is free.

Customer Service:

Live chat is available on their website:
Broth RX only accepts returns on products that were damaged in transit.

Online reviews/Complaints:

There is little information about Broth RX online, other than on their own website. From the testimonials that are available those who tried it said the broth was delicious.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are several alternatives to ordering bone broth from Broth RX.
You can make your own. You need bones (a chicken carcass for chicken broth), various vegetables, spices (if desired) and apple cider vinegar. There are tons of recipes, here is one from Dr. Axe, It is fairly easy to make and you get to choose the quality of ingredients in your broth.
Another option is to buy bone broth from the store. It is not frozen so much include some preservatives and the health benefits might be weaker. You can buy it at Whole Foods and other health stores. Even Costco and Amazon sell Bone Broth.
Bonafide Provisions in another company that sells frozen bone broth and takes great care in the ingredients, preparation and packaging. They do not deliver, however. They sell in stores and their product seems to be fairly easy to access.
Broth Masters is an online company that sells frozen bone broth delivered to your door. You can also get a subscription or make a one time purchase. They do not emphasize the quality of ingredients to the same degree of transparency that Broth RX has. They do mention that the animal bones are free range animals and the vegetables are organic. Their broth is comparable in price to Broth RX.

Where to Buy?

Broth RX is only available online:
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Chad Smith
Redondo Beach , CA
Best Broth out there

Broth-Rx is the only broth company that sources the product from pasture raised animals. That matters because what they eat , we eat. This broth also comes frozen , not powdered . This means I am getting all of the vital nutrients . They really seem to have the broth recipe and flavor down.

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