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About Bulk Herb Store
Bulk Herb Store is an online supplier organic herbs, herbal mixes, teas, seeds, and much more.  They also have tons of resources on how best to incorporate herbs into your daily life with lots of how-to videos, helpful articles, and books.
They are a small family business that is run by a husband and wife team.  Through their website they have built up a thriving community of amature herbalists who constantly share tips and homeopathic remedies for a variety of ailments.
They really encourage people to give herbs a shot and not be intimidated with their usage, they provide lots of resources to help the uninitiated get started.


Through their website you can order virtually any herb along with spices and herbal teas.  They also carry tinctures, body care products, smoothie mixes, supplements, and various accessories that you will need to prepare herbs.
It is important to take note of any personal allergies before ordering herbs, on their website Bulk Herb Store provides a lot of helpful advice on how to safely implement an herbal regimen, as you can overdose on herbs and some do have side effects in certain people.
They recommend starting with small dosages and keeping track of how much you are taking then increasing as needed.  Keep in mind tinctures are more potent than teas.
Once you purchase your herbs it is important to store them in airtight containers, in a cool place, and away from light.  This will ensure their potency over time, however all herbs have varying shelf lives so look up storing instructions for each purchase.

Customer Service:

If you are not satisfied with your purchase from Bulk Herb Store they will offer you a refund within 30 days of your order.  You must contact them first and provide a short explanation of why you are returning an item.
If you have any questions you can reach someone at (877) 278-4257 or email info @bulkherbstore.com

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The Bulk Herb Store has really great reviews from the natural health and wellness blogging community with lots of sites recommending their service.  Many people have also found their guides incredibly helpful and like the fact that they can learn how to prepare something and get all the ingredients from one source.
They also have a large following on social media with over 35k likes on facebook and also many positive customer reviews.

Competitors and Alternatives:

These days there are many places that sell online herbs, it’s important for you to find a company that meets your standards for quality and shipping times.  You can also look for local sources of natural herbs in your community.  Other online herb retailers include Mountain Rose Herbs and Johnny’s Selected Seeds.
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