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About Bulu Box
Bulu Box is a new subscription based service seeking to provide people with a monthly package full of health and goodness.  They aim to give their customers products that address a variety of needs; everything from healthy snacks to vitamins.
The idea behind these, quickly growing, subscription boxes is that they provide customers a chance to sample new products, save money, and treat themesleves to a small monthly gift.
There are now curated boxes for almost every imaginable niche, from comic books to custom tailored clothing.  With Bulu Box you get a service that focuses on fitness, nutrition, and self optimization.

How Does it Work?

Every month you will receive a package that contains 4-5 sample items from Bulu Box’s brand partners.  These allow you the option of trying new items and deciding if you want to keep using them.
They also give you the option of earning points each month by completing short surveys.  These points can be redeemable for full size purchases of items that you’ve enjoyed.
If you’re wondering whether the Bulu Box is right for you take a moment to browse their website and see if you find the items appealing. Categories include Vitamins, Sports Nutrition, Protein, Diet, Healthy Snacks, Energy, Accesories, Sleep and Mood, and more.
Some notable Paleo products include Fish Oil, Coconut chips, Natural Force Organic Whey, EXO Protein Bars, Shurky Jurky, Fitness products like foam rollers and many more.  While not a 100% Paleo friendly Box Bulu does offer many options for those that are a bit flexible with their diets.

Cost and Price Plans:

Bulu offers a range of price plans that start with a month to month option for $10 including shipping.  You can also choose a 3 month subscription for $30, 6 month for $60, or 12 month for $110 ($9.17 per box).

Customer Service:

If you have any questions you can reach a representative by email at hello@bulubox.com or check their FAQ page on the website. If you need to cancel your subscription you can do so by logging into your account click my subscriptions -> Details -> Cancel this subscription.
Note: all monthly subscriptions are set to auto renew so if you wish to cancel do so ahead of your next scheduled shipment.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

For the most bloggers and customers who have subscribed have enjoyed the sample products that they receive.  As with all boxes not everyone likes every product they receive as is the nature of this business, not every box will contain all of your favorites so it’s up to you to decide if this one has more hits than duds.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are hundreds of subscription services and you can shop around for hours looking for your perfect fit.  Some more paleo and fitness focused services include Cairn Box and Paleo Life Box.

Where to Buy?

You can sign up directly through their website.  If you have tried the Bulu Box please leave your review and thoughts below.
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