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About Cairn Box
The Cairn Box, found at, is a new service that treats adventurers, gear junkies, and outdoor enthusiasts to a monthly goody bag.  The idea of the service is to give people a chance to sample new products that fit into their lifestyle at a low cost and hands off monthly shipment.
The types of items in each box vary each month and depend on your personal preferences.  What you can generally expect from Cairn is apparel, gear, snacks, skincare, and medical/emergency supplies.
Overall the products are high quality and intune with outdoor minded people’s values such as a focus on health and natural ingredients.

How Does it Work?

When you first register you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire that’ll help the company get to know your fitness level and activity preferences. They’ll also get your sizing information, food likes, and other misc info.
You then choose your subscription length from 1, 3, 6, or 12 month options, the longer you subscribe for the more you save per month.  The 1 month cost of a Cairn Box is $25.  You can also send a box as a one time gift to someone.
You can also earn points by referring friends & family and providing feedback on the products you’ve tried.  Points can be redeemed for a free box.


If you’re curious about the exact products included you can see what’s been sent in past boxes.  They do say that part of the fun is not knowing what you’ll get but here is an idea of what to expect.
These are the contents of a previous box - SealLine Baja Dry Bag, UCO StakeLight, Rock & Ice Magazine, Skinourishment climbOn SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen, and Thunderbird Energetica Bar.
Overall you can expect pieces of small innovative gear, hiking apparel like socks/hats/gloves, water bottles, energy packets and snack bars, natural skin care products/bug repellents/lip balms, and so on.

Customer Service:

You’ll be billed monthly for your subscriptions and can easily cancel at any time.  Due to the constant change in inventory they don’t offer refunds or exchanges.  In some cases items like clothing may be exchanged if the sizes are incorrect.  If you have any issues you can contact a rep at

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The reviews for the Cairn Box are very positive from both manufacturers and customers.  Companies have the chance to reach a larger audience and get feedback on new products while customers get to try new things recommended by a trusted source.

Competitors and Alternatives:

While the concept of a monthly gift box is not new, Cairn is the first to do it in the outdoor/adventure niche.  Obviously you always have the option of shopping for the items you want directly, some popular gear/snack retailers include the Thrive Market, Rouge Fitness, and Primal Life Organics.
If you have tried a Cairn Box please leave your review below.
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Kinda fun, but not amazing

I got this as a gift for my husband for a few months. It was both of our first experience with subscription boxes. The novelty of receiving a package every month is great. The contents of the box were mixed - the food sample were kinda weird, but the featured items were good. I think they're a great company, definitely worth supporting if you like to hike and backpack.

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