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Atlantic Beach, NC
Poor Customer Service

I have been a customer for a few months now. When I was ready to cancel my subscription, it was nearly impossible to get an employee to answer my phone calls. Finally, I got a response. I kindly asked to cancel my account and I thought it was. I continued to receive boxes for the next three months and was charged. I returned every box unopened. I then reached back out to Care Of and no answer. I then left a voicemail. I received a call back today, September 26. The lady left me a voicemail. This particular voicemail was disrespectful and rude. She said things like "well I emailed you, but I guess you don't read your emails." And then said I never spoke to a representative and canceled my account, which is untrue. Maybe if the customer service was more diligent, my account would have been closed initially. Will not be buying products from this company anymore, and neither should you.

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Custom supplements for a Paleo diet

Care/of is a new vitamins & supplements brand that creates custom daily packs of the supplements in your regimen.

How it Works
When you visit Care/of, you go through a survey that takes about 5 minutes and answer questions about your diet and health goals. This is key- since my diet is fairly restrictive I thought it was important to find out what nutrients I should be taking. They also ask you about your lifestyle and about how often you work out, and take that into consideration. They then recommend vitamins and supplements for you - in my case, Calcium was recommended since I don't have dairy, along with Vitamin D since I don't get enough sun exposure, Rhodiola, an herbal product to boost energy, and a few others. I liked how the recommendations were tailored to my diet and quite thoughtful.

You have the ability at that point to add or remove supplements and basically change your recommendations. I made a couple changes and clicked on the products to learn more. It seems as though they are quite focused on their supply chain which is so important - just like I only want organic/sustainable groceries, I think it's great to get that in my vitamins too.

The product
When you check out you are going to get a monthly subscription of your custom vitamins, in daily packs. My total was just over $30 a month, which I'm pretty sure is less than what I was paying before.

I got my package a few days later and it's actually remarkable how much easier it is to deal with my daily vitamins. The packs are super convenient and I usually grab one on my way out the door in the morning. The packaging is also really nice and I have it out on my counter, so just seeing it helps me remember my vitamins.

I reached out to the Care/of guys a few days after I received to to ask a few questions, and they were really responsive and seemed quite knowledgeable too. It was great to be able to have a conversation with a real person about this stuff.

All in all, really solid experience and I'll definitely keep taking these.

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