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Athos Gear
Athos Gear was created to bring elite level performance data to the everyday athlete.  They believe that using their sensored
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Barbell Apparel
Barbell Apparel was born out of a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over 735,000 dollars from over 5,000 backers. &nb
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Earth Runners
The Earth Runners company produces, what they call, grounded minimalist sandals.  This footwear is supposed to create a more p
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Hexoskin is a line of professional grade body metric workout clothing.  The gear is designed to provide athletes, coaches and
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Hylete is a California based clothing company that specializes in performance Cross-Training apparel.  The company, founded in
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Life AsRx
Life AsRx is a fitness and street wear brand that is dedicated to the crossfit and competitive training community.  They make
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Luna Sandals
Luna Sandals are a line of minimalist footwear that strive to create the most natural connection between people’s feet and th
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Myles Apparel
Myles Apparel specializes in making a versatile, everyday short that can be worn for several purposes, ranging from an intense
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Ridgemont Outfitters
Ridgemont Outfitters is an apparel company that aims to solve one of the biggest challenges active travelers face, the trouble of h
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SKINS Compression Clothing
SKINS Compression Clothing is a line of athletic gear designed to improve performance, reduce injury, and aid in recovery.  Th
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Soft Star Shoes
Soft Star Shoes is a family business focused on making quality handcrafted minimalist shoes and accessories.  Founded in 1985
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Splits59 is an active wear clothing line for women that combines function with style.  Making use of technically advanced fabr
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The Natural Grip
The Natural Grip is a product born out of the cross training movement.  With so many people joining crossfit and other functio
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The Sox Box
The Sox Box is a fun company focused on making quality active wear and giving back through many charitable contributions.  The
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