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Coffee Flour
Coffee Flour converts the surrounding fruit of coffee beans into nutrient-dense coffee flour. The company has created a business mo
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Country Archer Jerky Co
Country Archer Jerky Co. makes jerky gourmet - or at least, as close to gourmet as jerky gets. The smokehouse was established in Sa
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Crowd Cow
Crowd Cow is a breakthrough company that has created a well crafted online interface and business plan to allow people better acces
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Daily Harvest
Daily Harvest is a delivery subscription company that provides fresh superfood fruits and vegetables to their customer's front
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Dale's Raw Foods
Dale's Raw Foods, founded by Dale Buchanan, is a Florida based raw foods producer.  They specialize in creating raw protei
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Desert Farms Camel Milk
Founder Abdul Wahab discovered his passion for raw camel milk while he was visiting his family in Saudi Arabia. The milk wasn't
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Diestel Turkey Ranch
The Diestel Turkey Ranch is family-owned and has been providing high quality all-natural, gluten-free and organic free-range turkeys f
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Direct Eats
Direct Eats allows people to buy among a selection of over 10,000 products on their online store to be delivered to their homes. Th
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Door to Door Organics
Door to Door Organics is a Colorado based grocery delivery service that sources local farms and ranches to provide customers with t
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Dry Farm Wines
Dry Farm Wines is a wine membership club that focuses on healthy wines made from organic ingredients.  The wines are meant to
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Entomo Farms
Entomo Farms is a Canadian based company specializing in the creation of alternative protein, specifically in the form of Cricket p
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EPIC Bars have been in the market for a short time but have gained popularity predominately amongst consumers who are following new
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Exo Enegry Bar
Exo.co has introduced a new energy bar made with cricket powder, an excellent source of protein. While eating them whole is not the
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Farmbox Direct
Farmbox Direct is a produce delivery service, making it convenient to include fresh, organic fruits and vegetables in your diet. We
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FatCoffee by Ninja Goat Nutritionals
FatCoffee from Ninja Goat Nutritionals is the latest addition to a growing number of products trying to make butter coffee more con
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Fatworks Foods
Fatworks Foods produces the finest premium traditional fats (tallow, lard and duck fat) and specialize in producing these products.
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FitVine Wine
FitVine is a new company that is jumping on the trend of “healthifying” common foods to fit the needs of dieters and th
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Flavor God Spices & Seasonings
Flavor God is a new line of high-end seasonings, created by Chef Chris Wallace, featuring classic options along with creative combi
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Four Sigmatic
Four Sigmatic was founded by a small group of people who left their corporate jobs to fulfill their mission of incorporating superf
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Fourth and Heart
Fourth & Heart is an artisanal food brand founded by Raquel Tavares Gunsagar and Lilly Wunschwith who are on a mission to moder
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