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Legit Bread Company
Jennifer Robins is a wife and mother of three who is in constant pursuit of better health for her family. She founded Legit Bread a
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Leopard Spotted Hippo
In case the name didn’t make it clear, Leopard Spotted Hippo wants to stand out from the crowd. Founded by the creators of Ke
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Lithic Nutrition
Lithic Nutrition was created by the Baugh brothers out of a passion for nutrition and a goal to innovate cricket-based products. Su
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LonoLife Bone Broth K-Cups
LonoLife Bone Broth K-Cups are the new and easy way to enjoy Bone Broth.  This healthy and nutritious food is experiencing a m
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Love with Food
Love with Food helps people discover new organic or all-natural snacks through monthly snack box deliveries.    T
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Lucy’s Bru - The Alternative Daily Coffee
The cofounder of online health and fitness website The Alternative Daily has used his knowledge of nutrition to create a better cof
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Mikey’s Muffins
Mikey’s Muffins provides folks with a line of baked goods that are healthy and gluten free yet do not sacrifice taste.  
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modPALEO is a meal delivery company with a conscious and strict principles that adhere to an ancestral approach to diet.  This
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Moink Box
Moink was founded and is owned by farmers. They connect ethically-conscious meat eaters with small farms providing humanely raised
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Natural Sins
Natural Sins is a small company operating out of Costa Rica with an aim to improve the quality of people’s snacks.  Thei
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NatureBite Energy Bars
NatureBite Energy Bars are a new health product developed by Greenfield Fitness Systems.  The company owned by Ben Greenfield
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Nick’s Sticks
Nick’s Sticks are the product of founder and farmer Nick Wallace.  Based in Keystone, Iowa Wallace Farms raises grass-fe
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Nikki’s Coconut Butter
Nikki’s Coconut Butter came about from the founders' desire to find healthy Paleo approved snacks that taste great.  
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Nogii Bars
NoGii products sell gluten-free snacks for people who live active lifestyles. The company was created by celebrity talk show host E
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Northstar Bison
Northstar Bison is a family-owned business that began in 1994. The company is committed to producing the highest quality of meat and t
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Nutiva Coconut Oil
Nutiva's founders explored foods that had a high amount of nutrition and were processed sustainably. They found that hemp, coconut, ch
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Okuma Nutritionals WuLong Slimming Tea
Okuma Nutritionals are one of the original distributors of WuLong Slimming Tea.  This rarer form of Oolong Tea has gained popu
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OMghee is a small company with a big mission.  After personally experiencing the benefits of Ghee the owners want to share thi
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Organic Gemini TigerNut
Organic Gemini is a new company specializing in all things TigerNut.  They have turned this relatively unheard of vegetable in
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Organic Prairie
Organic Prairie is a cooperative of family farms producing high quality organic and grass fed meats.  Since 1996 they have bee
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