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About Caveman Foods
Caveman Foods was created after the founder, Chris Running, experienced remarkable weight loss and health benefits from the Paleo diet.  The company strives to make healthy snacking a simple and delicious option.
Their food is created from Paleo inspired ingredients and is meant to make you feel well.  They believe that what you put into your body has a direct effect on how you feel and perform in activities and daily life.

Products and Ingredients:

Caveman Foods follow the guiding principals of the Paleo diet which means their snacks are made from nuts, berries, seeds, vegetables, eggs, fish and lean meats.
They also do not contain:
or refined sugars
Some of their popular items include:
Caveman Chicken Jerky - Available in Buffalo Style, Spicy BBQ and Chipotle Honey.  Their jerky is made from all natural, cage free chicken and is Paleo Certified, gluten-free, low in sugar and contains No Nitrates or Added MSG.
Caveman Primal Bars - Available in Mesquite BBQ, Smoked Jalapeño, Blueberry Pepper, and Sweet Cherry.  These meat based bars are an alternative to traditional protein bars.  They are made from all-natural chicken, fruit and spices, are a digestible source of protein, have no artificial ingredients, and boast 18gr of protein per bar.
Caveman Bites - Small bits of chicken seasoned with spices.  They come in Applewood Smoked BBQ, Sun-Dried Tomato & Kale, and Habanero & Green Chili flavors.
Caveman Foods Nutrition Bars - Are are made with all natural, nutritious ingredients, like nuts, seeds fruit and dark chocolate. They are Gluten Free, Non GMO, Dairy & Peanut Free and come in the following flavors:
Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut
Dark Chocolate Cashew Almond
Dark Chocolate Cherry Nut
Wild Blueberry Nut
Almond Cashew
Cranberry Apricot
Maple Nut


A 15 bar box of Nutrition bars costs $25 = $1.67 per bar
A 12 box of Primal Bars costs 29.99 = $2.50 per bar
1 bag of Caveman Chicken Bites costs $6.99
1 bag of Caveman Jerky costs $5.25
There are options to buy in bulk or in bundles for additional savings.

Customer Service:

If you need assistance you can reach someone at their phone number at 925-979-9515 or through their online contact form.  They also offer a 100% money back guarantee on their products and if you are not happy you can request a full refund.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

While the reviews for the bars are positive regarding the taste some people have pointed out that some bars have non-paleo ingredients and are high in sugar.  This would make them great for active people but not for those that are trying to lose weight on the Paleo diet.
Regarding the Caveman Jerky the company has changed the recipe to remove non-paleo ingredients, it appears that some people placing orders through Amazon have received the old recipe and this complaining of non-paleo ingredients.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Pre-made Paleo snacks are becoming a big business since most dieters want to include some convenience foods even while eating clean. Some other options for Paleo Bars and snack foods include: Epic Bars, Nick’s Sticks, and Steve’s Paleogoods.

Where to Buy?

Many Caveman Foods products are available in big retail chains like Walgreens and Sam’s Club.  You can also order online directly from their website or through Amazon.
If you have tried any of their snacks please leave a review below.
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