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Chapul Cricket Energy Bar
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About Chapul Cricket Energy Bar
Chapul is sustainable company founded by Pat Crowley, a water enthusiast and conservationist.  The company aims to address several of the worlds growing problems; primarily a limited number of resources coupled with an ever expanding population.
Through his experiences on the Colorado River Pat witnessed the devastating effect that suburban sprawl and modern agriculture have on the Earth’s limited freshwater supplies.  Thus Chapul was born, an insect based energy bar that can provide nutrition to millions with minimal demands on the environment.

Ingredients, Side Effects, and Safety:

All Chapul Bars use a blend of cricket flour as their protein source, and then mix that with traditional snack bar flavors like cocoa, peanut butter, dates, coconut, flax seed and more.  There are currently three flavors for sale the Chaco Bar, Aztec, and Thai Bar.
According to their website Chapul had to provide lab results proving that their cricket flour is safe for human consumption.  Entomophagy - the practice of eating certain insects, has been around for thousands of years and for the most part is very safe.
There are a few risks to consider, primarily being sure that the insects in question have been sourced from a place that does not use pesticides or herbicides on their food.  In addition, those with a shell fish crustacean allergy should becareful when consuming cricket based products as it may trigger an allergic reaction.


Currently Chapul Bars contain no soy, dairy, gluten, or GMO ingredients and are all natural.

Cost and Price Plans:

Box of 12 for $32
Sampler pack of 6 bars in all flavors for $18
You can also save up to 8% by buying in bulk 

Customer Service Address & Phone Number:

Chapul is located at 222 S Main St Ste 500, Salt Lake City, Utah.
They can be reached at:
Phone: 801-896-4515

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

For the most part online reviews from customers and Paleo Bloggers have been overwhelmingly positive.  Some people have complained about the high sugar content in the bars but that’s an inevitability in any energy bar using dates and honey.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Chapul has made a splash on the food scene after their appearance on the hit show Shark Tank.  Since then there are several companies making their own versions of Cricket bars including: EXO and World Ento.  Others are focusing on providing Cricket Flours and other baked goods.

Where to Buy:

Chapul Energy Bars can be purchased online or you can use their retailer finder to see if there’s a local retailer near you.
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