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About Chef'd Meal kits
The founder of Chef’d came across a recipe one day and wondered why there wasn’t a button to push to order that meal immediately. That desire and vision was the catalyst for forming Chef’d. Chef’d is a meal kit company with no subscriptions.
A customer can buy one meal, or get a weekly meal plan kit. You can specify dietary restrictions (gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc) and get recommendations based on your personal needs. You can also select meal filters.
For example if you want a “Quick and Easy” meal or “Family Friendly” or even types such as “Breakfast” meals, you can select a filter to view meals that fall into those categories. There are options for skill level, spice level and type of protein. You can also select if the meal is for two or four people. 
There are over 500 meals to choose from and Chef’d continuously adds new recipes, partnering with world famous chefs and culinary influences to bring diverse and delicious meals.

Products and Ingredients:

Some of the top rated meals include:
Beef Bourguignon: a lean cut of meat with a sauce filled with mushrooms and onions. Enhanced with red wine and bacon. Also included is a bed of mashed potatoes and green beans. The cost is $25 for two and $44 for four.
Cajon Bronzed Mahi-Mahi: Includes spicy mahi-mahi fillets, brown rice and spinach. The cost is $34 for two and $46 for four.
Portobello and Asparagus Farfalle:  A pasta with mushrooms and asparagus. The cost is $25 for two and $37 for four.
Steak Salad: Seared New York steak and roasted rosemary potatoes. The salad includes radish, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado and arugula with a creamy dressing. Brioche croutons top the salad. The cost is $38 for two and $65 for four.

How Does it Work?

There is no subscription so you can order one meal at a time. 
After browsing the site you select a meal you want (or multiple meals). You can pick the date you want the meal delivered. Chef’d can deliver within 1-2 days from your order date (Tuesday - Saturday). The delivery date depends on your delivery area. 
The box will contain instructions on how to prepare the meal and pre-portioned ingredients in an insulated box.
There is a personalization feature that will help you find the meals you want. Chef’d will make recommendations based on your likes and dislikes. There are also weekly meal plans that you can select if you want more consistent orders. You create your plan and can swap out meals or cancel the weekly plan at any time.  
There are specific dietary meal plans and search terms for Atkins, Weight Watchers, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, diabetic friendly, beyond meat and different allergens. The nutrition facts are listed with each meal.

Cost and Price Plans:

There is no fee or subscription for using Chef’d. Each meal has a unique price ranging from about $20 to $40  for two people and $35  to $67  for four.
Free delivery for orders $40 or more.
If you sign up for the recurring Meal Plan subscription you can save up to 10% on your meals. 
Chef’d offers a loyalty program. Every 1,000 points earned equals $10 toward products. You can earn points by ordering or just by creating an account, answering questions, reviewing products, etc.

Customer Service:

Contact information:
Phone: 844-522-4333

Online reviews/Complaints:

Reviewers seemed to be happy with their experiences with Chef’d. Some of the highlights for them were the variety, and opportunity to order often or not often. Lack of commitment was a big positive for consumers.  The meals were quick to prepare and the ingredients were high quality and often difficult to source locally. Also convenience - at your door with each ingredient separated in packages made it easy. (Although a reviewer did mention the impact the packaging has on the planet.) 
Some concerns noted were that for beginner cooks the recipes might be a little intimidating. The recipes can bounce between cutting raw vegetables to cutting raw meat without mentioning use of a different cutting board. The cook has to have that awareness. It is a more expensive way to cook - probably comparable to the price the meal would cost in a restaurant.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Chef'd vs Hello Fresh
Hello Fresh tends to be less expensive but also doesn’t offer the range of meals that Chef’d has available. The meals tend to be slightly easier to prepare. They have an emphasis on locally sourced food. 
Chef'd vs Home Chef
The cost of Home Chef is slightly less per meal than Chef’d. There are food add-on options and there is a marketplace to buy needed cooking tools. The food is generally not as flavorful as Chef’d and there are fewer options for dietary restrictions.
Chef'd vs Plated
The cost of plated is similar to Chef’d, perhaps slightly less. They use antibiotic free meats sourced from family farms. You have to sign up for a weekly plan. The plans are flexible but one benefit of Chef’d is you can opt to just buy one meal.

Where to Buy?

You can order directly online at  Some Chef’d products are available in select stores such as Target and Gelson’s and you can also by select meal kits on Amazon. The company also has an easy to use iPhone app.
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