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About is a comprehensive resources for starting a backyard chicken coop operation.  This is a great solution that many more people are turning to in an effort to gain control of where their food comes from, save money, and eat better.
There’s nothing more Paleo than raising your own food and in “DIY Chicken Coops” John White shows you step-by-step exactly how to do this.  You will get plans and explanations for a variety of chicken coop options along with advice for what strategy will work best for you.

What’s Inside?

Included in DIY Chicken Coops:
  • 10 complete chicken coop plans.
  • 100 pages of tips and building basics
  • 349 step by step, easy to follow illustrations
You will also get crucial information on how to manage: water, heating, space, materials, insulation, ventilation, lighting, positioning, nesting, perches, waste collection, odor control, and protection from environment and predators.
There are also great strategies for managing your time and insuring that all your prep work is done before you’re up and running. Information will cover tools, your work space, wood, paint, and safety gear.
The book is well organized and you can follow along from the beginner coop to more advanced building strategies depending on the ideal coop that you want.  The plans are designed so that anybody can follow them regardless of prior skills and you’ll be prepared for everything from a small to 100 chicken coop.
You will also get access to the following free bonus guides:
  • Chicken Breed Guide
  • Selling Your Excess Eggs
  • Common Chicken Diseases
  • Starter Guide to Raising Chickens


The digital version of the book is avaliable for instant download for $19.99.
If you would like a physical copy shipped to you it will cost $39.99.

Customer Service:

The DIY Chicken Coop Guide is backed by a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the information you get you can get a full refund.  If you have any more questions you can reach someone at

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Reviews for the guide are favorable with many homesteader bloggers giving it the thumbs up.  The illustrations inside are very helpful along with the section on picking out the right chickens for your area and yield desire.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Some online commenters mentioned that you can buy a variety of Chicken Coop plans through eBay and Amazon.  It seems that would be a good solution for someone who knows what they want, however is great option for a complete guide from zero to operating status.

Where to Buy?

You can download the book directly from
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