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About Chomps Snack Sticks
Chomps Snack Sticks were created by Pete Maldonado as a healthy alternative to traditional jerky and meat snacks.  His version retains all the flavor and convenience of a portable high protein snack but skips out on harmful chemicals and preservatives.
The sticks have become a huge hit with those following the Whole30, Paleo, High Protein, and Gluten Free Diets.  They’re quite popular with athletes as post workout snacks, parents looking for healthy kid snacks, and people looking to lose weight.

Products and Ingredients:

Chomps Snack Sticks are made from 100% New Zealand grass fed Non-Gmo Angus Beef.  The sticks are naturally cured with no synthetic nitrates or MSG and only celery juice as a natural preservative that gives them a shelf life of one year.
They currently have 3 flavors: Original, Jalapeno, and Crankin’ Cran.  Per stick they have 9 grams of protein and contain around 100 calories and contain no: added sugars, gluten, soy, fillers, binders or added chemical preservatives.
You can find the exact nutrition information for each item on their website.


  • 5 Sticks $11.25
  • 1 Box/24 sticks $49.00
  • Half Case/72 sticks $145.00
  • 1 Case 144 $259.00
There are options to get mixed flavor packages.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions you can reach a representative by email at  The company currently offers free shipping on orders of $75 or more and a fixed $4 flat rate on all orders below $75.
The company accepts returns of unopened items if you are not satisfied or have received damaged product.  Contact the company for return details.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

For the most part reviews of Chomps Snack Sticks are very positive, those in the health and wellness communities appreciate that this product fits within the guidelines of their diets and offers them a healthy snack.  People have described them as well spiced and having a softer consistency than big brand commercial meat snacks.
Some people complained that the price was too steep and that some flavors were too salty.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Jerky and meat sticks are a Paleo favorite and many companies have started to produce a higher quality product to meet the demands of the diet.  Some options include Ostrim, The New Primal, and Nick’s Sticks.

Where to Buy?

You can order Chomps directly from their website or through online retailer Amazon.
If you have tried any one of their flavors please leave your reviews below.
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They're fine. Kind of soft, not much texture for a meat stick. Flavor was ok. I had a turkey stick, and it wasn't great, but wasn't horrible. Good enough for a high-protein snack, but there are better products out there.

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