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About Cody App
Originally developed as a social fitness app, allowing friends to motivate and share workouts with each other, the Cody App now serves as an online platform for exercise training videos.
Through the site and app users can access hundreds of professionally curated instructional videos. The fitness plans vary and can contain as much as a months worth of workouts. Cody gives you lots of options when it comes to choices and workout styles.

How Does it Work?

The courses on the site are split into six categories allowing you to choose from Yoga, Strength, Weight Loss, Functional Fitness, Movements, and Flexibility.
The prices range anywhere from free to $99.99, there are also bundle packages which include several plans at a discounted rate.
Once you purchase a plan you’ll be able to access it from your PC, Mac, Mobile Device, or Tablet. Your one time payment grants you lifetime access to that plan, it will never expire.
You also have the ability to connect with other members of the plan and discuss your progress and motivate each other.  If you ever get stuck or need some kind of help support is available for technical and fitness issues.
All courses are taught by experts within that field, Cody coaches are well seasoned trainers with lots of teaching experience.  Some notable names include: Kino MacGregor, Meghan Currie, Diane Fu, Patrick Beach, and Carl Paoli.
If you are a Crossfit coach or fitness trainer you can apply to become a Cody expert and launch your own fitness video series.
Overall they have over 100,000 satisfied members who by Cody’s count have logged more than 20,000,000 minutes of exercise.

Customer Service:

The plans and bundles have a satisfaction guarantee that states that if you’re unhappy for any reason you can email the company within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund.  For further assistance or any questions you can contact support at

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The app has great reviews all around.  From a tech and fitness standpoint the Android and Iphone apps have received great reviews.  The company has had many favorable write ups in popular magazines and enjoys lots of social media support from their fans and customers.

Competitors and Alternatives:

The use of mobile devices for direct fitness plans and videos is quickly growing and there are lots of online providers.  Some other popular options for fitness and Yoga videos include Bodeefit, GAIAM TV, MovNat, and Grokker.
If you have checked out a fitness plan through the Cody App please rate and describe your experience below.
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Online Fitness D R E A M

CodyApp has brilliant, inspiring yoga teachers involved. I particularly enjoyed Mackensie Millers classes. Her practice is excellent and she teaches her yoga sequences really well with very clear instructions.

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