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About Coffee Flour
Coffee Flour converts the surrounding fruit of coffee beans into nutrient-dense coffee flour. The company has created a business model that has social, environmental, and economic benefits for producers and consumers. The CoffeeFlour™ global community is growing every day from celebrity chefs and food companies.

Products and Ingredients:

During the production of coffee, 17 billions of pounds of the surrounding fruit of coffee beans, the cherry, get thrown away every year and dumped into rivers to rot. CoffeeFlour™’s decision to use the cherries to make flour removes botanical waste from streams and soil, which strengthens the land, people, and species there. 80% of the pulp is used for the coffee flour and never gets to a stream, river, or landfill. The company encourages that the 20% of the pulp that doesn’t meet quality control standards be composted and used in the farms. 
Coffee flour is versatile and can be used as an ingredient in a variety of foods like gluten-free pastries, cookies, sauces, pastas, and brownies.CoffeeFlour™, ironically, doesn’t taste like coffee. There is a small amount of caffeine (12mg/oz) and it generally has a more floral, citrus or roasted fruit-type taste. The flavor is uniquely compatible with cocoa powder.
CoffeeFlour™’s decision to use the waste to make flour creates additional income streams, new jobs, and sustainable jobs for producers in Hawaii, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, and Vietnam. In 2014, the company created 70 new jobs at a small mill in Nicaragua, 90% of which were done by women. 
With coffee, many workers suffer from fluctuating market prices for coffee beans, so the income is less predictable. With the production process of the coffee flour, there is less fluctuation in prices. The company sells its flour to a growing number of restaurants, café’s and markets. 
On top of the social and economic impacts, the flour has:
  • More iron per gram than fresh spinach
  • More fiber per gram than whole grain wheat flower
  • Less fat and more fiber per gram than coconut flour
  • More antioxidants per gram than pomegranate
  • More protein per gram than fresh kale
  • More potassium per gram than a banana
  • Sodium-free
  • Gluten-free


CoffeeFlour™ costs $8.00 to $10.00 depending on which shop you buy from and the number of packs.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

CoffeeFlour™ has received raving reviews from Dr. Oz among other diverse media outlets including The Guardian, Seattle Times, and Mashable. People praise the product for its environmental, health, and social contributions to producers, the environment, and producers. 
One registered dietician wrote that there is limited scientific evidence for the claimed health benefits to humans. He says people don’t know how often and how much people would have to consume to experience the benefits.
There are criticisms that if the company isn’t operated thoughtfully, coffee growers would rather compost the cherries for fertilizer and some fear that a huge share of the profit will be from the investors rather than the labourers.

Customer Service:

Contact, fill in the web form, or connect with the company on social media through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Additional Paleo coffee products include: Coffee Blocks, Caveman Coffee, and Kahveology.

Where to Buy?

CoffeeFlour™ can be found in select markets, restaurants, and café’s. People can also order the product online at Marx Pantry, Algerian Coffee Stores, and
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