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About Cultures for Health
Cultures for Health is a business dedicated to helping people who want to make serious food changes in their life.  They provide a host of products, articles, tips, how to videos, and all the tools necessary for you to start preparing your own health foods.
They focus on traditional forms of preparing foods such as fermenting and sprouting.  Overall they have everything you need to get started making items like: Yogurt, Cheese, Kefir, Kombucha, and more.
These types of foods have been lauded throughout history for their health and medicinal benefits.


For every food product Cultures for Health provides the raw materials needed such as cultures and starters they also provide the physical tools and detailed guides needed for you to be successful.
Many of these procedures can seem intimidating at first but if you stick to the expert advice found on the site you’ll quickly get the hang of it.  In most cases these processes are fairly simple as long as you stay organized and follow the steps.
It’s important to maintain proper hygiene and a thoroughly cleaned environment when working with cultures.  The relationship between yeast and bacteria can be delicate and introducing foreign toxins can throw off their symbiotic bond and ruin your project.

Customer Service:

Customer support can be reached at 800-962-1959 or email through their site.  The address is 1801 N. Louise Drive, Sioux Falls, SD 57107. Their refund policy states that unused and unopened items may be returned within 15 days of purchase for an 85% refund.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Many natural foods and Paleo bloggers recommend Cultures for Health for their great products, low shipping costs, and user friendly instructions.   They also have lots of positive feedback from customers and a strong social media presence with over 50 thousand facebook followers.
If you do come across complaints it’s important to take them in context, creating cultured foods does take work and attention to detail.  It’s not always the companies fault when people don’t get the desired results.

Competitors and Alternatives:

If you are experienced at fermenting and making cultured foods and don’t need the tutorials and starter kits from Cultures for Health then one alternative is to check Craigslist for local sellers of scobys and other starters.

Where to Buy:

You can order directly from their website or through one of their many retail locations - check the website to see if their is a supplier near you.
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