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About Daily Harvest
Daily Harvest is a delivery subscription company that provides fresh superfood fruits and vegetables to their customer's front doors. Daily Harvest was started by Rachel Drori, a busy mom living in New York who wanted the smoothies that people have been posting on social media. Yet she didn’t have the time to get the ingredients or spend time making them. So, she created Daily Harvest.

What is Daily Harvest?

On their website, it states that Daily Harvest “delivers varieties of delicious, whole food, super food eats to the customer's freezer”. They use a method of flash freezing the ingredients with no added sugar or preservatives that are all organic so they are fresh when taken out of the freezer. Each container provides a proportioned cup of food for the customer, all that’s left to do is to heat or mix and eat. Daily Harvest is approved by whole30 to assist with weight loss.

Products & Prices:

To purchase from their site, customers must select a plan first, then select the cups they want.
The first plan option is receiving 6 cups weekly at $7.99 per cup. The second plan option is receiving 12 cups weekly at $7.49 per cup. The third plan option is receiving 24 cups weekly at $6.99 per cup. Lastly, the fourth plan option is receiving 24 cups monthly at $6.99 per cup.
After selecting the plan, customers will then select the cups they prefer. Customers can choose to receive preselected flavor packs, or a combination of smoothies, chia parfaits, overnight oats, and soups.
There are tons of diverse types of smoothies. These smoothie calories are usually only 60 calories according to the nutrition facts. The smoothie shown here is an energizer cold brew and almond. Made with organic cold brew coffee and beans, almonds, banana, cacao, coconut oil, vanilla bean, and pink Himalayan sea salt.
They have several Chia Parfaits available. This one is the Blackberry and Majik. It is made with chia, banana, blackberry, blue majik, lemon juice, hemp hearts, and coconut.
There are three overnight oats to choose from. The one shown here is the cinnamon protein and banana. It is made with banana, chickpea, rolled oats, cacao nibs, maple, pea protein, cinnamon, and reishi.
There are three soups to choose from. One of the top sellers is the Mushroom and Miso Ramen soup. It is made with butternut squash noodles, red miso, mushrooms, spinach, tamari, ginger, dulse seaweed, scallions, and hijiki seaweed.

Side Effects:

There are no known side effects associated with Daily Harvest unless the customer has a specific allergy.

Customer Service:

There is no return policy listed on their site. Currently, they only ship to 95% of the United States. Customers can cancel anytime before the weekly cutoff which is Saturdays at 6 pm. There are several ways to contact the company.
Customers may email them from 9:30am-9:00 pm ET at hello@daily-harvest.com. Customers can chat with customer support on their website from 9:30am-5:30 pm ET. And they can also be contacted by phone, at (856)452-0175 from 9:30am-9pm ET. Daily Harvest also has a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and an Instagram.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Most reviews of Daily Harvest are positive. Many like that they do not have to do much to have creative, healthy meals premade for them for an affordable price. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Serena Williams are investing and fully support Daily Harvest.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Green Blender offers a similar service, prices ranging from $49.00-$468.00. Natural Blender offers subscriptions ranging from $34.93-$259.09. Juice Generation offers a 6-pack of smoothies for $58.00.  Other related smoothie products include: Urban Remedy, Chuice, and Green Smoothie Girl.

Where to Buy?

You can order Daily Harvest Smoothies directly from their website.
If you have tried any of their healthy creations please leave a detailed review below.
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