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About Designs for Health
Designs for Health is a family company that’s been providing professional grade nutritional products for over two decades.  Initially launched as a counseling service high demand led them to develop their own branded line of supplements targeting the health professional market.
They continued to serve their customers by offering advanced training courses focusing on nutritional approaches to chronic diseases.  They also provide seminars and conferences focusing on the latest research and education.

Products and Philosophy:

Much of the company’s success is attributed to their high standards and operating philosophy which is a commitment to “research-driven products, synergistic formulations, and meaningful quantities of therapeutic ingredients.”
Designs for Health also refers to themselves as The Paleo Company, because their nutrition professionals believe in the Paleolithic diet.  They go as far as stating that supplements should not be used to replace the foundations of a paleo diet but as a means to fill deficiencies and combat unavoidable exposure to stress and chemicals in our environment.
What makes the company different from other supplement providers is that they sell exclusively to healthcare professionals and their patients through referral.  This is to ensure that patients are getting the best guidance and benefits.
Some of their Paleo specific products include the PurePaleo protein powder - a dairy-free protein powder, made from a highly concentrated pure beef protein raised without hormones/antibiotics.  They also feature a PaleoCleanse 14 Day Detox program, PaleoMeal, PaleoFiber, PaleoBar, and PaleoReds.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions about their products or are a health professional looking to integrate their supplements into your current practice you can contact them at 1-800-847-8302 or check the help section of their website for more info.
The refund policy states that unopened items may be returned within 30 days for money back minus a 10% restocking fee.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There are many positive reviews found online for a variety of Designs for Health products.  As with most supplements everyone reacts differently and not everyone has the same results.  It is best to consult with your physician before starting a serious supplement regimen.

Competitors and Alternatives:

The supplement market is rife with companies promising the highest quality formulas and latest curealls.  It’s important to do your research and check a variety of sources to find out which company is best for you.
Other Paleo supplement providers include Primal Force and Primal Blueprint.  Companies focusing primarily on workout formulas are Formulx, Stronger Faster Healthier, and Progenix.
If you have tried any of Designs for Health products please leave your reviews below.
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