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About Diet-to-Go

Diet-to-Go is a company founded back in 1991 by Hilton Davis in the state of Virginia, US. At first, the company was formed as a local delivery service for fresh and healthy meals.

However, over the years, it has expanded its business and, through partnerships with other companies and fitness clubs, it has grown its pick up locations network and made its line of products available nationwide.

The company works with some of the best chefs in the business and provides fresh or frozen, nutritional, low-calorie and balanced meals to its customers, supporting their weight loss process, or allowing them to maintain an already established healthy lifestyle.


The company produces around 40,000 meals a week, prepared in its two kitchens that are regularly inspected by the USDA. All of their meals are optimally portioned, nutritionally balanced and include extras like fruits, sides and condiments.

Moreover, they offer four different menu options to choose from, based on your unique preferences and nutritional needs.

Balance Menu

This menu is the company’s best-selling product. It is calorie-controlled and nutritionally balanced, low carb as well as low in fat and cholesterol, with controlled sodium intake meals.

Balance – Diabetes Menu

This menu is composed in accordance to the American Diabetes Association’s guidelines regarding carbohydrates and fat intake. The meals are balanced in such a way to naturally control the blood sugar, which is convenient for managing prediabetes and diabetes conditions.

Carb30 – Keto Menu

This menu offers low carb, gluten free meals based on ingredients such as meat, cheese and eggs. It essentially replaces carbs with fat, allowing you to lose weight healthily, quickly and efficiently.

The menu offers a variety of tasty meals that contain only around 30 carbs a day and are free of fruit, bread and sugar.

Vegetarian Menu

This is a vegetarian variety of the Balanced Menu option, which is calorie-controlled and nutritionally balanced. The meals contain alternative protein sources in form of dairy, eggs, beans and soy, which come in dietitian-approved, tasty balanced portions.

How Does It Work?

Diet-to-Go has gathered a number of health professionals, including dietitians, nutritionists and a certified health coach to support you in your goals to stay healthy and reach or maintain your desired weight.

Moreover, the whole team tries to provide you with the needed motivation and support to successfully go through the weight-loss program and reach your goals.

Namely, with Diet-to-Go, you are able to personalize the meals to suit your taste and lifestyle by swapping the meals or pausing the whole program, using the menu management app feature.

That way, you will have delicious, healthy, restaurant-grade meals at your disposal and losing weight will be easier while tasting great.

Cost and Price Plans

The prices vary depending on the plan you choose. Namely, if you choose one of the Balance and Vegetarian Menu options, it will cost you between $18 and $24 a day, while the prices of the Low Carb programs are somewhat higher and range from $21 to $26 a day.

In addition, all options incur $18.95 shipping fee for mail order service. However, the company offers 10% discount off your first week. Moreover, at various times over the year, it provides additional discounts via web page at, or through email specials.

Customer Service

The company values your feedback and encourages you to contact them through phone, online contact form, or to become a part of their social network community.

You are able to reach their customer service via the phone number 1-800-743-7546 during their business hours or send an email to

Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the service, you are able to cancel it any time without additional penalties and cancellation fees.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The company’s webpage is filled with a number of inspiring success stories, before after testimonies and average weight loss reports by different people from all around the country. Moreover, they are delighted with how tasty the food is and the portion size seems to be very satisfying.

However, the company uses a number of preservatives to prevent food from spoiling during shipment and some of the customers seem to think that it should find a more natural way to deal with this problem.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you like the tasty concept of dieting but wish to explore other options, you can compare Diet-to-Go vs Ediets, vs Nutrisystem, or vs BistroMD. to figure out the options that best suit your taste, needs and lifestyle.

Where to Buy?

If you wish to start your own dietary plan with Diet-to-Go, visit their webpage at, choose your desired menu option and sign up for their program.


When you decide to eat healthy and shed some excess weight, you will have to learn to organize and prioritize to be able to prepare meals in advance and take them with you wherever you go.

This can then prove to be too complicated and overwhelming, making you quit before you even see the first results. Therefore, the Diet-to-Go food delivery service may be a perfect solution for you.

Namely, they provide different menu options to choose from and adapt meals to your taste, preferences and lifestyle, making dieting both tasty as well as easy.

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