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About is the largest and fastest growing low carb focused website in the world. Founded by a Swedish MD in 2011, Diet Doctor aims to empower people everywhere to take their health into their own hands by making simple, clear, information about the low carb, high fat diet available to all.
Diet Doctor doesn’t sell any products, runs no advertisements, and is adamant about staying free of industry influence. They provide a wealth of free information, as well as member-only content, with the goal of being a source that people can trust.

How Does It Work?

Diet Doctor receives all of its funding through paid memberships, but the information you need to get started on a low carb diet is available for free on the website, no membership required. According to Diet Doctor, health and weight loss are far more simple than the food, pharmaceutical, and exercise industries would have you believe: simply eat real food when you’re hungry, and don’t eat when you’re not.
Diet Doctor has simple guides about what foods to eat and what to avoid. Recipes and guides are available for both a more general low carb diet and a fully ketogenic diet, as well as important tips for those trying to fight type 2 diabetes or follow a vegetarian diet.
Whether you are new to the whole idea of a high fat low carb diet, or already practicing this revolutionary lifestyle, Diet Doctor wants to provide you with inspiration, encouragement, and real information.
For those who want to change their eating habits but aren’t sure they’ll be able to navigate it on their own, Diet Doctor has put together a free two week get started challenge. The only thing you pay for is real, healthy food from your grocery store: Diet Doctor provides daily meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and everything else you will need.
During the two week challenge you will restrict your carb intake to less than 20 grams per day, meeting the standards for a ketogenic diet. The challenge is designed to help you minimize potential side effects of a keto diet, beat sugar cravings, and get started on a path that can change your life in the long term.

Cost and Price Plans

You can use Diet Doctor to help you revolutionize your health and well being without purchasing anything or paying a single dollar! But if you want to support Diet Doctor’s mission, a membership is only $9 per month. Members have access to meal plans, “ask the experts” interviews and courses, and Low-carb TV for inspiration and insights.
Plus, your payment enables Diet Doctor to reach millions of people and remain independent. A one month free trial membership is available as well so you can give it a try before you decide.

Customer Service:

For any questions about membership, the Diet Doctor newsletter, or the website, you can email and the service team will respond within 24 hours.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The Diet Doctor website is full of testimonies from people who have used a low carb high fat diet to lose weight and improve their health, and there is an engaged community of both members and non members. Diet Doctor’s facebook page also shows a positive response from users, with a 4.9 star rating and several hundred positive reviews.

Competitors and Alternatives:

For years, was the largest low-carb focused website online. However, the Atkins approach has many flaws and has been highly criticized from within the low carb movement.  Other popular and effective Keto services and resources include: The Keto Reset Diet by Mark Sisson, The Keto beginning by Leanne Vogel, and
While there are of course dozens of websites and blogs out there exploring low carb and ketogenic diets, Diet Doctor seems to have the most impartial, thorough information all in one place, and is unusual in selling neither products nor advertising space.

Where to Buy?

Visit to browse recipes and articles, sign up for the two week challenge, or purchase a membership.
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