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About Door to Door Organics
Door to Door Organics is a Colorado based grocery delivery service that sources local farms and ranches to provide customers with the freshest organic produce, free range meats, and a bundle of other natural and healthy products.

How Does it Work?

Customers begin by signing up to a produce subscription, you are given a choice of veggies/fruits/mix.  You then select the size and frequency of your shipments based on your needs.
This base package can then be updated with a wide range of products including meat/eggs/dairy, pantry items, snacks and beverages and much more.
Deliveries are made weekly or biweekly allowing you to customize your order as you see fit.

Cost and Price Plan:

Produce boxes come in the following options:
  • Bitty Box (1-2 people) $25.99
  • Small Box (3-4people) $36.99
  • Medium Box (4 people) $44.99
  • Large Box (4+ people) $59.99

Products and Ingredients:

While not all their items carry the USDA certified organic label they assure that all items are consciously sourced and are free of hormones, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives.  Some popular items they carry include Nutiva Coconut Oil, Organic Prairie, and Late July Organics.
They also apply this mentality to the shipping side of their business buy using 100% recyclable, SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified boxes and optimized delivery logisitcs.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions the company can be reached by phone at 1-888-283-4443 or email at  You can also contact them via live chat or their online message form.  
The company currently services the midwest and parts of the east coast, check their site to see if you are in their service area.  The company allows customers to cancel subscriptions at any time or put your order on hold for up to 6 weeks.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The reviews for Door to Door organics are very positive with people really enjoying their selection of products and the fresh produce.  The service really solves an important need for many customers however some people have found that based on their shopping patterns they did not see a cost savings by using the service.
It’s important for you to consider all factors such as the quality of foods, the support of small local farmers and delivery costs when making your decision.

Competitors and Alternatives:

While there are many popular health focused online markets not many can deliver both dry goods and locally sourced fresh produce.

Where to Buy?

Head over to to make your subscription chocies and see everything the company has to offer.  If you have tried their service please leave your reviews below.
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