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The Earth Runners company produces, what they call, grounded minimalist sandals.  This footwear is supposed to create a more primal walking/hiking/running experience by offering a barefoot feel with the protection and comfort of a modern sandal.
However, unlike standard minimalist shoes Earth Runners go a step further by allowing its wearers to absorb the subtle electrical energies of the Earth.  The concept is that throughout time Humans have used their feet as a sensor to communicate the Earth’s electrical signals to our bodies.
This gave us a better understanding of the Earth's cycles and improved our overall health.  The problem is that modern footwear has severed this primal connection.

How Does it Work?

Earth Runners barefoot technology allows for the flow of energy between the earth and our feet through copper inserts and conductive laces. The founder of the company uses research done on the Schumann resonance frequency to back up his claims.
The idea is that there is more to our circadian rhythm than just light and dark.  There are magnetic cells in our hypothalamus that coordinate with the electromagnetic resonance of the Earth and its ionosphere.
He believes that since our Alpha brain waves resonate at the same frequency as the Schumann resonance that our nervous system uses it as a reference point for biological rhythms. When that connection is not being made our internal timing is thrown off resulting in inflammation.
Other biohacking proponents such as Jack Kruse, Dave Asprey, and Michael Sandler share similar beliefs.


Currently they offer several styles and varieties of sandals this includes the Circadian, Circadian X, Alpha, and Alpha X.  The sandals are fully customizable allowing you to choose your preferred sole thickness, laces, and bedding.

Customer Service:

Earth Runners come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee that allows you to get a full refund if you are not happy with the product.  If you have questions you can reach a representative at (408) 564-1966 or by email at EarthRunner1987[at]

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Reviews for the product seem to be fairly consistent with most people reporting that once you get the straps adjusted correctly and break in the sandal they are comfortable and can hold up to some serious mileage.  In regards to the earthing affect most people could not claim noticing a significant change in how they felt, but with some noticing improvements.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many options for minimalist shoes including the ubiquitous Vibrams or for a different approach the hand crafted Soft Star shoes.
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