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About EarthPaste
EarthPaste is an all natural food grade product designed to substitute your standard over the counter toothpaste.  It is made from only pure real ingredients with no harmful toxins or chemicals and is a true homeopathic alternative.
The product is manufactured by Redmond Trading Company who also produces such natural products as Real Salt, Redmond Clay, Redmond Bath Salts, and Re-Lyte.  

Ingredients and Side Effects:

EarthPaste boasts a very clean ingredient profile consisting of: Purified Water, Redmond Clay, Xylitol, Essential Oil (Cinnamon, Wintergreen or Peppermint), Real Salt, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Menthol (Only in the Wintergreen & Peppermint varieties).
They claim to only use non-GMO certified xylitol made from birch and/or corn cobs.  These all natural ingredients help to keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean your teeth of harmful gum disease causing bacteria.
There are several different flavors that have slightly different ingredients so if you have concerns or allergies you can still find a flavor that works for you.

Is it Safe?

The product is completely safe to use on your teeth and can even be safely eaten.  Especially when compare to traditional toothpaste that use foaming agents, chemical preservatives, fluoride, and more EarthPaste starts to look like a very attractive option.
Prop 65 warning - The product does have a Prop 65 warning on it because the Bentonite Clay in it contains a trace amount of naturally occurring lead.  The company does a great job of explaining how this happens and why it’s still safe.
They say that the amount of lead per brushing .0000002 oz much less than what is found in many types of organic vegetables and nuts.  You can learn more on their website.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions or need to reach customer support you can do so via their website or at (800) 367-7258.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

For the most part EarthPaste has extremely positive online reviews with the only exceptions coming from people not used to using a non foaming toothpaste and those concerned about the trace lead amounts.
The product is also highly recommended by many natural living blogs and websites.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Slowly there are more and more options appearing when it comes to all natural dental care.  There are some recipes online for making your own all natural formula and there more companies offering similar products such as OraWellness.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase EarthPaste directly from the redmond website or at many health retail stores, use their store locator to find one near you.
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