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Once most people choose to become health conscious and focus on taking care of their bodies the next general progressions is to apply that mindset to the rest of their lives.  Choosing to do what’s right for the planet is a natural byproduct of choosing to do what’s right for our bodies.
One obvious place to cut down on wastefulness is at the grocery store.  Some states and counties have already emplaced bans on retailers using plastic bags, but unfortunately much of the country still hasn’t.
ECOBAGS is a company dedicated to helping people enact change on the individual level by switching to their reusable ethically and sustainably sourced bags.

Products and Materials:

ECOBAGS is certified B Corporation, meaning that they are recognized for their products’ adherence to fair trade, fair wage, and fair labor policies.
The company sells a wide array of bags, including: tote, lunch, grocery, organic, and hemp bags to name a few.  In addition to manufacturing their own brand of bags they also act as an online retailer for other socially responsible and green brands.
On their website you can find a detailed breakdown of which materials they use, where they are sourced from and the different types available. Materials in use include: Organic/recycled/or natural cotton, hemp, non-woven polypropylene, Neoprene, Tapioca, Palm Leaf, Water Reed and Wild Grasses.

Customer Service:

If you are a customer of ECOBAGS you can get online support through your account tab.  Or you can reach customer support at 1-800-720-2247 or email at  Their address is 23-25 Spring Street, Suite 302, Ossining, NY 10562.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The company has very positive ratings from their online customers and has been shown a lot of support from eco-bloggers around the web.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many different bags that you can use in place of plastic, and simply bringing your own bag to the store is already a big step forward.  ECOBAGS go above and beyond in not only providing products that help stop added pollution but also ensure that those products are sustainably manufactured from the least harmful materials and ethical labor.

Where to Buy?

ECOBAGS do make their products available to wholesalers and also have their full product line online where it’s easy to order.
If you have tried ECOBAG products please leave your reviews below.
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