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About EPIC Bars

EPIC Bars have been in the market for a short time but have gained popularity predominately amongst consumers who are following new trending diets, one being the Paleo Diet. Not only are EPIC Bars Paleo-friendly, they are also free of dairy, soy, gluten and even have a low glycemic index. The humane treatment and healthy lives of the animal protein used in their products contribute to its health benefits.


The three main ingredients used in EPIC bars are animal proteins, nuts and dehydrated fruits. This protein bar contains a high standard of quality ingredients.

Is it Safe?

It’s safer because the protein comes from animals that are not treated with antibiotics and are hormone free. The animals eat a vegetarian diet rich in nutrients. Because of the animal’s diet, consumers are afforded with a nutrient dense snack which additionally aids in the improvement of cardiovascular health.


Epic takes the value of sustainable and responsible animal welfare practices to be of the utmost importance in regards to their company’s mission; this is why they mandate proof of quality from on the farmers’ certifications. The Lamb and Beef used in their protein bar is USDA Certified Organic.

Bison are raised on land that is free of chemical sprays and other synthetic agents. Pigs certified by the Humane Farm Animal Care Program standards. Turkeys are part of the Global Animal Partnership 5-step Animal Welfare Program.


A box of 12 EPIC Bars, online, costs $34.00. First timers, trying EPIC bars, may opt for the sample pack. The sample pack contains one of each of the 4 different bars they offer and costs $12.00. There are no refunds for items ordered through their site; all purchases are final sale only. You may, however, cancel your order within 12 hours of the transaction.


Phone: 512-944-8502 Address: P.O. Box 684581; Austin, TX. 78768 Fax: 512-944-8502 Email: eatEPIC@EPICbar.com

Online Reviews:

Online, you will find many EPIC Bar reviews; the general consensus of consumers is consistent and overall the public likes these organic protein bars. Customers appreciate the unique flavorful combinations of ingredients. This bar is extremely healthy and some individuals even use it as a meal replacement, especially because it is easy to grab and eat on the go.

Competitors and Alternatives:

EPIC Bars lead the way with a protein bar unlike those infiltrating the market. Compared to a standard protein bar full of nuts and fruits, these bars are packed with animal protein instead. Most importantly, the animal protein used is organic, and comes from animals that are grass-fed.

Where to Buy:

Not only are you able to purchase EPIC Bars on their website, at www.EPICbar.com but through their online store locator, you can easily find a retailer in your hometown.

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Pretty Good

Was shopping at sports basement and saw a box of these. Picked out the lamb, mint and currant bar. I liked the taste of the meat but it was a bit salty. Overall nice snack if you're looking for something outside of the usual sugary high carb bars. Also nice that the lamb is grass fed and organic.

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