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About Epic Series Race
Epic Series is a competitive functional fitness race that challenges athletes of all fitness levels.  They set up obstacle race courses all over the country inviting athletes and supporters to come down for a day of fun and exertion followed by an afterparty.
The courses focus on fitness challenges including cardio and plyometric routines similar to what you’ve see in the Crossfit games; unlike the Spartan race where contestants battle through mud and electrified obstacles.

Epic Series Courses:

Each event allows contestants to register as an Epic Racer or Epic Elite Challenger.  Elite athletes complete the standard course plus an additional series of events, you’ll also be timed and compete for prizes.
Elite athletes cannot scale or modify challenges to desired degrees of difficulty.  Their final score will be based on 50% EPIC Race Course Time and 50% EPIC Elite Challenge Reps.
The courses combine elements of cross-training, bootcamp, strongman, and endurance competitions.  While the event has a race like atmosphere you have the option of deciding how competitive you wish to make it, the clock will be running but you can go at your own pace - provided you are not in the elite division.
The courses are designed so that the average Athlete can finish in around 90 minutes.

Customer Service:

As with most competitive races there are no refunds offered, in some cases if you are unable to attend you may be able to transfer your registration to another participant.  Contact support for more questions at info@epicseries.co or check their helpful FAQ page.
Registration fees range between $40-$140 depending on how early you sign up and you also have the option of volunteering at an event to earn free entry into an upcoming competition.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The online reviews for these events are positive and they have lots of testimonials on their facebook page.  Some contestants have described this race as tough mudder meets crossfit.

Competitors and Alternatives:

The sport of adventure/obstacle racing is definitely picking up steam with some events offering very attractive prizes.  Some other popular options include the Spartan Race, Rugged Maniac, and Tough Mudder.
If you have participated in an Epic Series functional fitness obstacle course please leave your review below.
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