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About Excalibur Dehydrators
Excalibur has been manufacturing top of the line dehydrators, out of Sacramento, California, since 1973.  A quality food dehydrator is a great tool to have in your Paleo kitchen and can help you create a variety of portable treats and meal substitutes.
One of the major difficulties of eating Paleo is the constant need to make fresh meals.  Using a dehydrator allows you to make plenty of food ahead of time.  You can start making your own dry fruits & vegetables, meat & fish jerky, kale chips, and much more.


One of the major benefits of investing in a quality food dehydrator is that it will eventually pay for itself.  Store bought foods are much more costly than making them at home yourself, for example a bag of pre-made kale chips costs around $5 - $8 while a huge head of fresh Kale costs around $1-$2.
On their website Excalibur Dehydrators claim that the machine will pay for itself within 4 months of regular use.  The other obvious benefit is that you have complete control of what goes into your final product, allowing you to avoid artificial flavorings and chemical preservatives.

How Does it Work?

Through many years of product testing Excalibur has come out with a machine that reaches optimal temperatures to preserve food enzymes and microorganisms while keeping bacteria and mold at bay.
The process involves fluctuating temperatures that get high enough to dry out the food and eliminate the threat of mold but then drop down to levels that won’t harm enzymes.  Excalibur’s Adjustable Thermostat lets you accomplish this and ultimately use your dehydrator for a variety of foods.
Some people think that they can accomplish this with a standard oven, but in reality the average oven doesn’t have a low enough setting, won't heat evenly, will not be energy efficient, and doesn't give you the same amount of space to work with.

Customer Service:

All Excalibur Dehydrators come with a 1-year warranty and a 30 day home trial guarantee. If you are not pleased for whatever reason you can refund the unit by contacting them and obtaining an RMA number to initiate the return.
You can reach support at 800-875-4254 and Mail@ExcaliburDehydrator.com.  The address is 3355 Enterprise Avenue, Suite 160 Fort Lauderdale, FL 3333.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The review for Excalibur machines are all very positive, with people enjoying the automatic timer features and the quality of food that it produces.  The only downsides in online reviews were the high cost of the unit and the noise.  If you are an avid user then it makes sense to get this high end product as it will eventually pay for itself.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many different dehydrators on the market and you should really chose based on size and price.  If you consistently make large batches then go for the bigger more expensive machine.  There are dehydrators sold by Nesco, Omega, Sedona, Ronco, and Cabelas.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase through amazon or directly from their website.
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