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Exo Enegry Bar
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About Exo Enegry Bar
Exo.co has introduced a new energy bar made with cricket powder, an excellent source of protein. While eating them whole is not the least bit appealing, crickets in powder form makes them unrecognizable.
Crickets used in this product come from domestic cricket farms where they are fed a controlled diet of certified organic grains. To create the powder, crickets are first washed, dried and then milled into a fine powder.

Ingredients and side effects:

Exo energy bars contain the powder of approximately 40 crickets, but rest assured these nutrient dense bars do not look any different than other health bars on the market. By mixing the powder with familiar ingredients, nut butters and fruits, it is easier to introduce bug protein to consumers.
Raw almonds, dates, honey, cacao, and coconut are some of the other ingredients in their bars. Exo bars are considered Paleo friendly except for the PB&J flavor which has peanuts in it.

Is it Safe?

Cricket powder is safe to eat unless you are allergic to shellfish in which case you may also be allergic to crickets. Other than that, they have high protein content and are low in sugar.


A box of 12 Exo bars costs $36.00; you can select Cacao Nut, PB&J, Cashew Ginger or a multi pack, 4 of each flavor. With a monthly subscription, all regular box prices are discounted 10%, bringing it to $32.00 per month. All monthly subscriptions can be cancelled or modified at any time. Exo does not accept returns and does not issue refunds for their products. 

Customer Support:

Exo, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Customers who posted online reviews thought Exo bars were surprisingly tasty; they could not taste cricket powder, only the sweetness of the honey and fruit. Since the Exo bar has 10g of protein, many individuals use them as a pre/post workout snack.


The executives of Exo.co developed this protein bar using a non-typical source of protein. Getting the public to focus on its clean ingredients and its nutritional benefits proves to be one of their biggest obstacles. To overcome this, they consulted with some of the top chefs to come up with a recipe dedicated to the taste of their product.
Nutrition bars typically contain artificial sweeteners and fillers. The market is infiltrated with two types of bars, those that do not taste good or those which taste good but don’t offer any nutritious value.
In addition to Exo, two popular cricket flower snack developers include makers of the Chapul energy bar and the Bitty Foods bakery.

Where to Purchase?

At this time you can only purchase Exo bars online directly from their website.
If you have tried these bars please your reviews below.
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