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About Flavor God Spices & Seasonings
Flavor God is a new line of high-end seasonings, created by Chef Chris Wallace, featuring classic options along with creative combinations. They are perfect for daily cooking, grilling your favorite meats, and marinating for incredible results.
This small company started from scratch has quickly grown and is shipping seasonings world wide.  The care that they put into their products has helped them stand out in the expanding market of cleaner spices.

Products and Ingredients:

Flavor God Spices and Seasonings are chemical and filler free, they also try to keep the salt content low and really showcase the herbs and spices used in the blends.
The spices are Paleo friendly, MSG free, not made from GMO ingredients, kosher, and gluten free.
Some of their popular options include:
The Classic Combo -  this is where it all starts and features customer favorites: Everything Seasoning, Spicy Everything Seasoning, Garlic Lover's Seasoning, Lemon & Garlic Seasoning.
Another crowd favorite is the 13 Pack Combo Featuring Jamaican Jerk Seasoning featuring the following:
Jamaican Jerk, Italian Zest, Cajun Lovers, Honey BBQ, Garlic Herb & Himalayan Salt, Everything Spicy Everything, Garlic Lover's, Lemon & Garlic, Chipotle, Habanero, Himalayan Salt & Pink Peppercorn, Dynamite.  And the books Flavor God: Foodie Meets Healthy Paleo Recipe EBook, Garlic Herb & Himalayan Salt Seasoning Recipe Book, Italian Zest Ebook Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Recipe eBook.
In addition to these they also have limited edition seasonings that feature some fun and creative spices such as the Popcorn Seasoning Pack, Chocolate Donut, or the spicy 3 Bottle combo The Ring of Fire.
All in all the seasonings boast incredible flavor and have quickly grown to be staples in many athletes and Paleo kitchens.  Flavor God is a small operation that produces small batch spices so do not be surprised if the limited edition flavors sell out fast or if popular items are backordered.


The 13 bottle combo costs -$99.99
Most 6 bottle combos cost - $39.99

Customer Service:

You can get free US shipping on orders over $50.  If you have any questions or order issues you can reach someone at support@flavorgod.com or through their website contact form.  They do offer a 2 week return policy on unopened items.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

For the most reviews of Flavor God are very positive with lots of social media attention focused on the company.  Many sponsored Athletes and Paleo food bloggers have done in depth reviews of their favorite blends.
The consensus seems to be that you are paying close to what you would for off the shelf spices but are getting a much fresher and superior tasting product.  Some people complained that they had difficulty differentiating the tastes of some of the spices in the main combo pack.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Many home cooks are against buying mixed seasonings claiming that you could put your own together for cheaper.  However many people do not have the time to add spice blending to their meal prep schedule and rely on pre-made spices for convenience.  Another Paleo Spice option is Primal Palate Organic Spices.

Where to Buy?

You can order directly from their website or get select options from Amazon.
If you have tried any Flavor God Spices or Seasonings please leave a detailed review to help other shoppers decide if it’s right for them.
2 ‘Flavor God Spices & Seasonings’ Reviews
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Floyd McGregor
Napa, CA
This business is a farce

This company is the worst for keeping their commitment. I ordered the chefs spices as a Christmas gift in mid-December, and as of January 9th 2019, I'm still getting emails from them telling me my shipment is delayed and will ship shortly. You can't call them, you can only email them through their website. I've tried to cancel and you can't. I've emailed them multiple times and they will not respond to my request to make contact. They will not cancel my order via the email either and they don't let you know they've received your email through customer service. I would avoid doing any kind of business with these people as they are not trust worthy and as you can see from all the prior complaints, they have a track record. Do yourself a favor and DON'T do business with FlavorGod. You should also checkout the Better Business Bureau, there are over 60 bad review complaining about the business practices of FlavorGod.

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Flavor God
Irvine, CA
Flavor God is amazing

When used with the right recipes, I've found that Flavor God is a go to, healthy alternative that's inexpensive and tastes great! It's all about those recipes though. https://flavorgodrecipes.com

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