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About Four Sigmatic
Four Sigmatic was founded by a small group of people who left their corporate jobs to fulfill their mission of incorporating superfoods in people's diets. Their first mission was to make drinking mushrooms popular.
The "Mushroom Mission" began in the Nordic countries in 2012 and the company expanded to more than twenty-five countries in less than four years.

Products and Ingredients:

When Four Sigmatic was established, the first goal was to find the smallest thing people could add to their current diet to produce the biggest positive impact on their health. Medicinal mushrooms was the obvious answer. 
Mushrooms are among the world's most studied superfoods. Indigenous people have been drinking their mushrooms for thousands of years in the form of teas and soups. 
Four Sigmatic sells:
  • Mushroom Coffee
  • Mushroom Elixirs
  • Mushroom Hot Cacao
  • Mushroom Lemonade
  • Superfood Blends
Every product batch goes through in-house and third party testing to ensure quality and safety of the product.
The Mushroom Coffee with Lion's Mane helps increase productivity while the Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps provides stimulation without the jitters. Their coffee is grown in Southeast Asia and free of pesticides. 
Adding highly alkaline-forming chaga mushroom extract to coffee solves the acidity problem that results from some coffee brands and provides a smoother taste. The powerful antioxidants, anti-viral effects, and immune-boosting properties of chaga mushrooms transform your coffee from an energy-boosting treat to a health-enhancing choice.
The Mushroom Elixirs help strengthen immunity, provide an energy boost, enhance brain power, and help provide a good night's sleep.  The Mushroom Hot Cacao and Mushroom Lemonade are easy and delicious for kids to get healthy mushrooms in their bodies.


All of the products range from $15.00 to $299.00. Shipping is free on orders over $100.00.

Customer Service:

Contact Four Sigmatic at 1-800-859-4896 or People can sign up for the company's newsletter and follow updates on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

Four Sigmatic products have been featured in Vogue Magazine and all of their products have very high ratings from customers for the products' great taste and energy-boosting qualities. Many people found their coffee product to be a great alternative to mainstream coffee and could enjoy the drink without the jitters.
Some people thought the products were too expensive to consume every day, didn't like the flavors, or didn't find anything particularly special about them.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are other companies that produce mushroom-based products such as Terrasoul Superfoods, Vita Jing Herbs, and NordicNordic.  Other alternative coffees include Teeccino and Choffy.

Where to Buy?

You can order all of the products on Four Sigmatic's online store (, in over 450 stores around the world (, and on Amazon.
If you have tried any Four Sigmatic's product, please leave your review below.
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