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GAIAM TV, The Transformation Network, is a source of original programing on variety of topics that relate to health, yoga, and spirituality.  They also have a large catalog of written content with articles offering lots of information and ideas.
The goal is to give you new insights and help you explore your optimal potential through quality programs that address your mind, body and soul.  Since 1988 GAIAM has been offering resources, products, and services to those who are concerned with the environment, interested in health, and want to pursue personal development.


There are currently 5 channels on GAIAM TV…
My Yoga - This channel features a large library of yoga, pilates, and fitness videos and articles.  There is content for all levels of practitioners and everyone can learn something new.
Health and Longevity - With this channel you can explore some high profile documentaries on where our food comes from and check out lots of original programing about health and wellness.
Seeking Truth - An inspiring channel that offers a new way to look at things aside from what you see on mainstream television.
Spiritual Growth - Has videos on a variety of topics that allow you to explore spirituality and self development.
Films & Series - Provides you access to truly important and inspiring feature films, documentaries and series.
GAIAM TV programs are available through a variety of media devices including: Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Google, Mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and Smart TVs.

Customer Service:

You can try out GAIAM curated video content free of charge for 10 days, afterwards you’ll be charged $9.95 per month.  If you need to cancel you can do so by logging into your account and clicking cancel subscription.
If you have any questions or technical issues you can reach support at 1-866-284-8058  or

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There are lots of great reviews about the content that GAIAM provides.  People really enjoy the various films and appreciate the fact that in addition to original content they can get access to feature films and documentaries.  Some reviewers claimed to have issues with streaming quality on certain devices.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many places that allow you to stream video content ranging from broad categories to specialty programing.  Another source of health and fitness content can be found at and curated shopping recomendations for eco friendly products from MightyNest.
If you subscribe to GAIAM TV or have tried their free trial please leave your reviews below.
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