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About goTenna
goTenna is a breakthrough new product that helps people communicate in areas with no service.  The device lets you use your smartphone to send and receive messages, share your location, and much more.
This rugged device will let you communicate with other goTenna users anywhere in the world with no need for cellphone service, WIFI, or satellite connection.  It can be used as an emergency device when on remote hikes, a way to keep in touch with your group at large events, or as a means for encrypted communication.

How Does it Work?

goTenna wirelessly pairs with Iphone and Android devices via Bluetooth.  Using the app you can send text messages or share your location via their downloadable maps.  Once the device receives the info from your phone it uses long range radio waves to broadcast the information to other goTenna users.
Conversely your goTenna can receive this information and send it back to your smartphone for you to read.  They state that in optimal conditions goTennas can communicate up to 50 miles apart from each other but are most reliable in the 1-6 mile range.  Terrain and elevation are huge factors in reception efficacy.
You can set up your own network with groups of goTenna users or communicate directly with individuals.  Other features include location pinging and sharing points of interest on offline maps.  You have the choice of being able to communicate with all goTenna users in your area or only receive emergency broadcasts.

Customer Service:

Currently the product is available for preorder and will begin shipping in the winter of 2014/15.  It comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty which covers your device against any functional defects.  They also have a 30 day refund policy.  If you have any questions you can reach someone at or use the live chat feature on their website.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

While there are no customer reviews at this time, the pre-production buzz has been overwhelmingly positive. Many tech blogs have profiled the gadget lauding it for its plethora of applications as essential adventure gear or emergency communication tool.

Competitors and Alternatives:

While there are products that have some of goTenna’s features such as location pinging or radio based communication none combine both into one sleek app that allows for private networks and encrypted messaging.

Where to Buy?

At this time you can pre-order the product through their website, the price is $149.99 and comes with two devices.
If you have had a chance to try out the product please leave your review below.
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John Q PubliC

This product is an exercise in bogus marketing. Over stated claims, Line of sight usage....if you are much more than a few hundred feet from another doesn't work...simple as that!
If you've got cell service it's of no value!
You've got to take it with you everywhere you go!
Doesn't work inside.

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