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About creates four healthy snacks made up of high-quality ingredients and delivers them to subscribed customers. The company was established by seven friends who were sick of unhealthy snacks like chips and wanted a healthy way to snack. The team works to discover exciting flavors and create new delicious combinations.

Products and Ingredients:

After customers choose the snacks among over 100 options, four snacks are packed and delivered at the home. All of the food is free from genetically modified ingredients, artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, and transfats. The snacks have a variety of labels including the following:
  • 150 calories or under
  • Source of protein
  • Fiber
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Nutritionist pick
An in-house nutritionist approves all of the selected snacks and works with the team to ensure every recipe is beneficial, whether it be a recipe containing essential vitamins or protein. 
Graze's "snack inventors" created over 100 snacks in the kitchen and are continuously working on new recipes. The team is always searching for delicious ingredients and take the time to do quality control. For example, they tried 29 varieties of raisin until they approved the Chilean jumbo flame. The company also works with small suppliers that provide quality ingredients and have a passion for food. 
Being an environmentally-conscious company, the packaging is made from sustainable forest and 100% recyclable. The skewers are made from untreated bamboo.

Cost and Price Plans:

The snacks are $11.99 a box.
People can try the first box for free. Customers can get a lower price if they have a promotion code, friendcode, or gift voucher.
To stop deliveries, customers simply have to:
  • Sign into the account ( and click on "your orders," which can be found on the top right hand corner of each page on the site
  • Click 'manage recurring order' or 'manage one-time order' depending on the order you wanted to cancel.  
  • Click 'more options' then select 'cancel this order'
  • 4. Make sure you click through any subsequent options until you see confirmation of your cancellation
    As long as you cancel before your cut-off time, no more boxes will be sent. If your next box is already being prepared when you cancel your regular order, then this final box will still be sent.

    Customer Service:

    Contact Graze on their web form ( 
    You can follow company updates on Facebok, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

    Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

    Graze overall has very high ratings from a good majority of customers who like the quality of the snacks, variety of the box, and excellent customer service. 
    Some customers commented on poor customer service, found the box expensive, felt the portion sizes small, or charged for a box days after signing up for a free box without the opportunity to cancel.

    Competitors and Alternatives:

    There a variety of companies who deliver healthy snacks including Healthy Surprise, NatureBox, and Love With Food.

    Where to Buy?

    You can order Graze snack boxes on the website (
    If you have tried Graze's snack boxes, please leave your review below.
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    how about getting a response from Graze?!*&?

    My son signed up for what he thought was a free first box of Graze products. Was charged 6.99 and never received the product. Have emailed twice now and cannot get a response. Anybody out there have any tricks to get an answer??

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    Chapel Hill, NC
    Avoid this site and its snacks

    The food sends out is overly packaged, not very tasty, and very little of it. I nearly gagged on the barbecued peanuts. Couldn't get anyone in my family to touch the stuff. Very overpriced too.

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